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  2. sick_nick

    Triad V21

    Looking for a Triad V21, project hull or a hull ready for a motor. If anyone has anything for sale now or something that will be for sale in the future please get in contact with me. thank you
  3. http://www.stvowners.com/drive_tip.htm Let me try to find it?
  4. QwikTrim


    It's been awhile since my last visit. Can someone reset the link to this article, or post it? I recall reading this years ago when I first bought my LTV. It helped immensely, especially for a newb experiencing severe chine walk for the first time. Took me some time to figure out that "lifting" and "trimming" were keys to stability. Thanks.
  5. I have given this some thought. Over the years I have been a member of a lot of "forums" including full size and model boat racing. It seems most of these forums have given way to Social Media accounts and I guess that's just the new digital age we are living. I will give some thought as to how to perhaps get participation up...maybe there is some way to get your group to "join" the Facebook Group as a member the way I joined them. That might point their membership toward your forum? Pete
  6. Got any ideas and would U like to assist in managing this site?
  7. STV Custom Race Boats on Facebook seems pretty active. Perhaps there is some way to combine memberships to get interest up? Pete
  8. Looking for a EuroSki with or w/o motor preferably in northern CA. Pete
  9. Looking for a mint STV in ontario canada. W outboard or WU
  10. In 1994 did they make a Prototype euro out of carbon fiber that weighs less then 500 pounds? And raced the race circuit?
  11. Price and location please,6512082750Del from Mn.
  12. I'm looking for a cheap fast boat. call 6512082750
  13. Is your stv still for sale. Call me at 6512082750,Del from mn.
  14. did this forum just up and die ? I dont even see one post in 2019, i reckin they all went over to S&F ??
  15. I have had a few twin tunnels and now have purchased a 1991 Procomp with no power. Installed a rebuilt 1993 Yamaha 250 HPDI with a stage 3 kit lifted the compression a bit. Flashed he computer. With 6" set back manual jack plate. Getting ready to send off the lower to HT for low water drilling and some reshaping. Since the procomp needs to run above pad an inch or so do I need to run a fat shaft as well? Also the Yamaha is heaver than Merc 2.5 by over 100lb what type of prop should I be using? I have a lab 28p 4 blade Merc bravo will this have to much lift? Please let me know what you think.
  16. Greetings - I am looking for feedback on the build quality of the boats presently being produced from the old STV molds by Ray Stoss at Tempest Boats in Ontario. There is little info available online but I have read some concerns around the build quality but no specific first hand experience. Any feedback or insight would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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