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  3. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    still have stv 2894422640 call sean
  4. sfattore@bell.net

    rebuild 90 stv

    sean toronto 2894422549 call
  5. sfattore@bell.net

    2002 STV Drag Pro Comp

    like to come take a look
  6. sfattore@bell.net

    1992 STV Pro-Comp Ski,Merc 2.5 EFI 111MPH

    boat location
  7. sfattore@bell.net

    complete stv for sale!

    email me atsfattore@bell,net
  8. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    like stv my number 2894422649 call
  9. Pkstv

    1989 stv procomp

    This add is from 2008
  10. Pkstv

    STV River Rocket

    This adds from 2005
  11. sfattore@bell.net

    1989 stv procomp

    how much with 260 on it location
  12. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    still got boat 2894422648 call
  13. sfattore@bell.net

    1992 STV ProComp

    sill got stv
  14. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    boat location
  15. sfattore@bell.net

    1989 stv procomp

    like stv still fore sale
  16. sfattore@bell.net

    STV Charger with 2.5 Merc

    still for sale
  17. sfattore@bell.net

    river rocket for sale in Ontario CDN

    still got stv
  18. sfattore@bell.net

    2003 procomp drag with 2.5 carb and trailer

    boat still for sale location
  19. sfattore@bell.net

    2003 procomp drag with 2.5 carb and trailer

    location of boat
  20. Administrator


    Can't help much on that but in the past I had Erie Insurance for mine(STV, SKATER, COUGAR). I sold the Cougar due to health issues and this spring purchased a Stingray 23ft and went for insurance and had to pay a surcharge since the boat exceeded 50mph. It was listed in there signup and popped up on my local agents screen. Agent no longer had to ask "how fast does it go"? Guess that's the norm now? Welcome and best of luck.
  21. RHB


    I have a 89 STV with 2.5 efi. How do you get insurance on these boats? Thanks!
  22. hi i have just purchased a laser bass boat its a 1985 17 foot boat that is tunnel hull bass boat just wondering if any body knew how many were made
  23. djwfishing

    History of Summerford Racing (STV) 

    hi i just purchased a laser bass boat that is a tunnel hall bass boat and im just trying find out more about the boat and history and how many were actually made and any interesting fact about it!!!
  24. Serious buyer looking for a 2005 or newer STV RR. Hoping to find one with 2front seats also the rear jump seat 15" MID with a good 280 PR 300 drag, unmalested if possible. Serious buyer. 775-240-4369. Thanks kevin
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