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  2. stv procomp

  3. stv procomp

    Iam in the process of redoing a early procomp, Has anybody seen one with full stringers ? bout 2 by 5 in diameter also no bulkheads
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  5. sparkplug science video

    Great info on sparkplugs... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slyfJO_1UPg&feature=youtu.be
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  7. http://siteonemasadawdasfsdfwea.com

  8. I BUY SELL TRADE hi perf props

    let me know if you run across a humpback thinking about getting one 14.5 x 32 if possible ...thanks ...mickey..843-514-9049
  9. http://siteonemasadawdasfsdfwea.com

  10. History of Summerford Racing (STV) 

    Great article from the past.
  11. boat advice

    Thank Larry! I hope you are OK. Hospitals are never fun. I was hoping to add a jack plate and low water pickup/ nose cone from bobs machine shop in Florida. Hydraulic steering too.any ideas ? Opinion? Thanks!
  12. boat advice

    Link works OK, nice rid there. Just got out of hospital from 2 week stay.
  13. boat advice

    https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipNgGsKpbPZW4FLKHwbfD1NFnVRo3W0sJe9NSQ78QSS-i5tsOAumEDEXHpw7VlPZ_g?key=RTR1aTFIcE15aU82eDAzV05SS1A5WkNzYUxCVW5R I hope this works. It's a link to my boat pics. Thanks for looking!
  14. boat advice

    I have the pics but they won't upload because of file size. I'm trying to figure this out.
  15. boat advice

    Thank you for getting back to me Larry. I have the boat home now and removed the rear seats. The transom area looks as new. However under the rear seat and ski pole bottom feels soft. I will take pics today and post. I have wanted one of these boats for years!
  16. boat advice

    Checking the hull for being solid. Can U post a few pictures?
  17. boat advice

    I was looking to buy a 20 ' charger TV .it has an older 200hp merc. No jack plate. Is there anything I should look for in way of boat defects, rot or areas of failure? Thank you!
  18. Laser???

    16 views and no ideas on boat model?
  19. Laser???

    If anyone knows make and model that would be great.
  20. Laser???

  21. Laser???

  22. Laser???

    Figured out how to post picture I guess
  23. Laser???

  24. Laser???

    Hello,new to forum,I purchased a boat that is said to be a laser..how do I upload pictures to identify boat?the,boat was registered in Arkansas With no title, papers showed to be homemade . I used those papers to title it in texas..i bought boat and trailer no motor.
  25. Hydraulic Steering Recommendations?

    MY Euro had a jack plate w/SeaStar, but from memory you shouldn't have any issues.
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