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  2. 16 views and no ideas on boat model?
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  4. If anyone knows make and model that would be great.
  5. Figured out how to post picture I guess
  6. Hello,new to forum,I purchased a boat that is said to be a do I upload pictures to identify boat?the,boat was registered in Arkansas With no title, papers showed to be homemade . I used those papers to title it in texas..i bought boat and trailer no motor.
  7. MY Euro had a jack plate w/SeaStar, but from memory you shouldn't have any issues.
  8. Looking for some recommendations for hydraulic steering on a 96' Euro with 93' 2.5 carb engine. Boat does not have a jack plate, hull was drilled by Summerford for the 2.5. Looking at the SeaStar Pro system. Any issues with clearance? Hose length? Boat has the factory momo steering wheel with trim buttons cordless, will my trim setup still work with the hydraulic helm, or will I have to get the SeaStar "turn signal style" trim switch? Any input here appreciated, I'm sure some of you running this setup? Thanks! Mike
  9. Recorded log file from 7-28-2017 today LOG-01-000-xxx-xxx.CSV
  10. From 7-26-17 recorded log... LOG-01-000-xxx-xxx.CSV
  11. VW TDI FILES LOG-01-003-xxx-xx1.CSV LOG-01-004-xxx-xx1.CSV LOG-01-010-xxx-xxx.CSV LOG-01-011-xxx-xxx.CSV
  12. What style prop would you say? Also 14.5 or 15 ? And do you know anyone who may have one for sale?
  13. Hi There Ladies and Gents, Due to a project that took a different direction I am left with a motor that I thought I would have some fun with. So in essence I just need a bare hull on a trailer and I'm thinking a new one is the better way to go. I have researched a bit online and is leaning towards a mod vp as it will be a two seater strictly for fun. However, most of the ones I see online are canopied. Do they make a two seater tandem with open cockpit that also serves as a pleasure boat?
  14. At 8500 w/1.87 lower a 30 should put you at 114mph.
  15. Limiter is up to like 8700 if I remember correctly and I'd like to get into the teens if possible with keeping descent hole shot...
  16. Early Hoss Tritons work very well. I had a 14 x28 Hoss that was 3mph faster than my Merc 28ET. What's the RPM limit of that 260 and what is your top speed desired?.
  17. Western PA near ZIPCODE 15632
  18. a 26 might be a good all around prop
  19. HI Larry, Where are you in Pa.? We are always looking to add another hotboat to our group, Doug
  20. Guys dint know how live this forum is as very many people don't post here anymore but I have learned a lot on a lot of different forums. I just bought a 2005 STV River rocket with a pretty nasty 260 on has a 20 inch mid right now with offshore and a cle lower. What prop would you gentlemen recommend for nice holeshot good mid-range and high-speed passes it came with a few different ones but haven't been able to try them yet as transport has not brought my boat to me yet after going and looking at it and riding in it....thank you fellas...
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