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  1. Administrator

    Help needed

    I have several inquires and will get in touch soon. As to questions Monthly hosting fee is $30 Domain renewal this march is just under $40/yr unless price changes Forum software has lifetime subscription so updates are FREE unless one wishes to add a new feature. Already has active chat and ability to setup payments/donations/subscriptions I have idea of adding sub forums for other performance boats such as Allison, Mirage, and open to others. Site for the most part runs on autopilot doing cleanup, registering new members, and filters out SPAM. My idea would let 1 or 2 manage and expand site to attract more users and re-evaluate after 6 months or so and I would remain owner. I had a stroke 9/2017 1 month before retiring with plans to devote more time here but things changed. More info can be found here https://invisioncommunity.com/
  2. Administrator

    Help needed

    I'm looking to find someone who is willing to manage the site and devote more time than I have especially since my recent health issues. Would even consider sale, lease, or turning the domain and forums over for a modest amount? If not I will need to discontinue STVowners.com in the near future. There's a wealth of information here... but just needs a jump start. If interested please reply.
  3. Administrator


    Can't help much on that but in the past I had Erie Insurance for mine(STV, SKATER, COUGAR). I sold the Cougar due to health issues and this spring purchased a Stingray 23ft and went for insurance and had to pay a surcharge since the boat exceeded 50mph. It was listed in there signup and popped up on my local agents screen. Agent no longer had to ask "how fast does it go"? Guess that's the norm now? Welcome and best of luck.
  4. Administrator

    RAYSTOWN, PA 2016 Sept 16-17-18

    It's that time of year again for everyone to join us for a weekend of fun. Please post if you can join in so make your reservations ASAP! Beachfront Bungalow's Cottages just a few hundred feet behind the bungalows All have AC/HEAT/FRIG/ ETC http://rvcoutdoors.com/lake-raystown-resort/
  5. Administrator

    River rocket set up

    Welcome, and great collection of STV's
  6. Sea-star HC 5345 cylinder complete with all mounting including ARP bolt. No external leaks and no corrosion. $150 plus the ride from ZIPCODE 15613 Reason for sell is I upgraded the cylinder on my 22 Cougar
  7. Administrator

    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    As of 11-16-2015 I have added a "Chat room" which supports 20 users at this time. It's located under the browse menu at top of forum.
  8. Administrator

    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    Another upgrade was done today 11.12.15 and this is the format for the future aside from some minor changes. Also looking for some volunteers to help move the forum into the future. Must have computer and graphic skills. To apply just reply to administrators, or PM via this posting.
  9. Administrator

    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    Welcome, and we're running on the new server. Presently I'm testing the forum app for IPhone and IPad.
  10. We made the move today to a new server....
  11. Administrator

    225 Pro Max fuel pump intermittent

    I think you need to find a wiring diagram for the engine injection system. If it's anything like my 280 was and now my 300xs theres a fuel pump relay. The ECM is what turns the relay on which then turns the fuelpump on.
  12. Administrator

    Raystown Lake in PA Sept 20-22 Boating event

    Check this out over at S&F! Always a great time... http://www.screamandfly.com/showthread.php?269004-Raystown-Lake-in-PA-Sept-20-22
  13. Administrator

    Jack plate

    Davey, check your messages...
  14. Administrator

    LTV tunnel

    Welcome, and keep the pictures coming
  15. Administrator

    History of this unit I bought ?

    Welcome, and yes pictures would help. If I'm correct from the last 3 digits of the HIN it was built June 1996 which was in the final year or so of production. In Business: Monday, June 06, 1983 Out of Business: Tuesday, April 01, 1997