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    Help needed

    I have several inquires and will get in touch soon. As to questions Monthly hosting fee is $30 Domain renewal this march is just under $40/yr unless price changes Forum software has lifetime subscription so updates are FREE unless one wishes to add a new feature. Already has active chat and ability to setup payments/donations/subscriptions I have idea of adding sub forums for other performance boats such as Allison, Mirage, and open to others. Site for the most part runs on autopilot doing cleanup, registering new members, and filters out SPAM. My idea would let 1 or 2 manage and expand site to attract more users and re-evaluate after 6 months or so and I would remain owner. I had a stroke 9/2017 1 month before retiring with plans to devote more time here but things changed. More info can be found here https://invisioncommunity.com/
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    Help needed

    I'm looking to find someone who is willing to manage the site and devote more time than I have especially since my recent health issues. Would even consider sale, lease, or turning the domain and forums over for a modest amount? If not I will need to discontinue STVowners.com in the near future. There's a wealth of information here... but just needs a jump start. If interested please reply.
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    Can't help much on that but in the past I had Erie Insurance for mine(STV, SKATER, COUGAR). I sold the Cougar due to health issues and this spring purchased a Stingray 23ft and went for insurance and had to pay a surcharge since the boat exceeded 50mph. It was listed in there signup and popped up on my local agents screen. Agent no longer had to ask "how fast does it go"? Guess that's the norm now? Welcome and best of luck.
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    History of Summerford Racing (STV) 

    by Roark Summerford: Laser Boats of Texas was the Parent Company that had a race boat division to attract attention to its bass and pleasure boats. The race boats started as one-off tunnel boats and V bottom race boats. Finally, in 1981 APBA recognized that a large group, mixed of V bottom, and semi-tunnel type boats, could be a single class. The result was the start of the Mod VP class. In this class V bottom, and tunnel boats with a center pod, made of fiberglass, could compete against each other. Laser needed a new bass boat and with a little work the 380 Ray was built. The 380 Ray was a race boat that could be used as a bass boat, ski boat, and a really good handling V bottom race boat. The first 380 Ray was done just in time for the 1982 Havasau Classic held on Thanksgiving weekend. It was the only Mercury powered boat in a field of 25 boats. The 380 Ray powered by the Mercury blew the field away by finishing a full lap ahead of the field. The 380 Ray was used in the 83-race season and won the over-all title. It was also evident, that to remain on top of the Mod VP class, it was going to take a tunnel boat. Late in the 1983 race-season, I took a wrecked 380 Ray race-boat and sectioned it by dropping the sides around the veed center. The 18 ft. Vnosed Mod VP boat was born. This boat was known as an LTV, Laser Tunnel Vee. The first two proto-types were raced in Burmuda late in 1983. These boats had what would be known as the ski boat deck on them. Chris Bush & Gray Tuttle drove the boats and Chris simply played with the field. Gary did not have as good luck and blew over on the last lap. That winter the narrow cockpit deck was developed and the driver was moved one foot forward in the boat. For the 84-race season the 18 ft. boat became known as the LTV and was used even after Laser was sold. At the time of the sale of Laser, the company was split into the Bass boat, Ski boat, combination and the Race boat division. This was the beginning of Summerford Racing and STV. STV (Summerford Tunnel Vee) was actually a model designation for the 18 ft. Vee nosed, Mod VP race boat. Customers used STV to describe all boats built at Summerford Racing and it became the general name used. The other term that was used to satisfy the US Coast Guard was, Pro Comp, short for Professional Competition. Since all boats built at Summerford Racing were all race boats and were exempt from Coast Guard horsepower ratings. Pro Comp was used to describe each model built. Customers again would shorten names for ease of conversation. The original 18 ft. V nose was built only as two models at Summerford Racing, the Pro Comp Race Boat and the Pro Comp Bass Drag Boat. Other than the two-proto types with the wide cockpits, which were both re-decked with new narrow decks, no wide deck 18 ft. boats were ever made. We did offer the 18 ft. boat with two bucket seats up front and a small rear seat, but it was still sold as a race boat. Some of the drag race classes required offset steering. During the winter of 1984, I began to develop the pickle-fork,19 ft. Mod VP boat. Tom Drozd raced the first proto-type at St. Louis. Although the boat had a better hole slot and was about 10 mph faster than the 18 ft. boat, it was not predictable in a turn in race conditions. There were four of these proto-types built. Only two of these boats kept the original decks the other two were converted over to the Pro Comp style decks. The bottom of this boat was fine-tuned several times over the next 3 years. There were only two decks offered on this hull which were the Pro Comp (narrow dash) and the Pro Comp Ski (wide dash). Because these boats had about 1/3 more sq. ft. of surface area than the old 18 ft. boat, they were never as light as the 18 ft. boat. There were rumors of Pro Comps at less than 400 lbs. and there was one built for Chris Bush that weighed 385 lbs. We raced this boat with 50 lbs. of lead under the gas tank to keep it on the water. At the end of the season this boat was cut up and put in the trash can. Rusty Campbell took over the job of driving the Mod VP boat, and Chris Bush drove a one-off wooden Champ Boat. Rusty went on to dominate the Mod VP class for the next several years, Chris won the Champ Class in his first year in the very competitive Champ Class. At the end of the 1988 race-season, I redesigned the bottom of the 19 ft. boat to the current configurations of what is know as the Ski Boat Bottom. This bottom was much quicker and better tops speed potential. This bottom had a problem in rough water settling for a turn. Once again for the 90-race season I changed the bottom for handling in rough water turns. This bottom became known as the Race Boat Bottom. These two bottoms were used under the Pro Comp deck, the Pro Comp Ski deck, the Euro deck, and the Capsule race deck of which the Two Seater was also built. When the old Pro Comp race deck was dropped the River Rocket deck was its replacement. The 20 ft. STV V Bottom was only built for a brief time and only had one deck on it. This boat won the New Orleans to St. Lewis race in 1986 driven by Lynn Simburger. Lynn never got the credit for the win because of bad politics. My team of Craftsmen built STV's. from 1985-1996. STVowners.com would like to thank Mr. Summerford for contributing this informative article to our site. Posted: Sept 27, 2001 Updated: Feb 17 2002
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    RAYSTOWN, PA 2016 Sept 16-17-18

    It's that time of year again for everyone to join us for a weekend of fun. Please post if you can join in so make your reservations ASAP! Beachfront Bungalow's Cottages just a few hundred feet behind the bungalows All have AC/HEAT/FRIG/ ETC http://rvcoutdoors.com/lake-raystown-resort/
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    River rocket set up

    Welcome, and great collection of STV's
  7. Sea-star HC 5345 cylinder complete with all mounting including ARP bolt. No external leaks and no corrosion. $150 plus the ride from ZIPCODE 15613 Reason for sell is I upgraded the cylinder on my 22 Cougar
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    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    As of 11-16-2015 I have added a "Chat room" which supports 20 users at this time. It's located under the browse menu at top of forum.
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    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    Another upgrade was done today 11.12.15 and this is the format for the future aside from some minor changes. Also looking for some volunteers to help move the forum into the future. Must have computer and graphic skills. To apply just reply to administrators, or PM via this posting.
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    We're moving to a new server (the cloud)

    Welcome, and we're running on the new server. Presently I'm testing the forum app for IPhone and IPad.
  11. We made the move today to a new server....
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    Looking for STV action video

    If you have any action video of your STV running, I would like to feature the video on the forums. The video's will be hosted on the STVowners server so there's no BS of hosting on an external source. No commercials, no issues. The rules are simple: 1- quality viedo with audio 2- e-mail or PM me with the video info and size 3- So I may instruct you when to send the video. 4- That way my mail box wouldn't get all jammed up 5- No copyright video, which means it must be your own production work. Let's here what you got?
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    Euro hull cracks

    I guess it had to happen sooner or later but I have a minor hull crack. The seem at the top of the transom that mates the top cap came loose. Looks like just the adhesive came loose but there is a slight movement between where the joints were. I would say about 1/8inch. Inspection inside and outside show no other cracks. All the braces, knee braces are fine with no visible cracking in the glass. I think the problem may have been caused by taking 2 larger guests for a ride and their total weight is about 400lbs. One was in the back seat. The water was rough but we didn't go more than 40mph. Here is what I was thinking of doing, grind out the old adhesive, clean it up and inject 3M-5200 fast cure into the joint. I'm not sure what was orignally used but it's a very hard offwhite colored stuff. Any suggestions and what's the proper way to do the repair! Thanks
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    225 Pro Max fuel pump intermittent

    I think you need to find a wiring diagram for the engine injection system. If it's anything like my 280 was and now my 300xs theres a fuel pump relay. The ECM is what turns the relay on which then turns the fuelpump on.
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    Raystown Lake in PA Sept 20-22 Boating event

    Check this out over at S&F! Always a great time... http://www.screamandfly.com/showthread.php?269004-Raystown-Lake-in-PA-Sept-20-22
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    Jack plate

    Davey, check your messages...
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    LTV tunnel

    Welcome, and keep the pictures coming
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    History of this unit I bought ?

    Welcome, and yes pictures would help. If I'm correct from the last 3 digits of the HIN it was built June 1996 which was in the final year or so of production. In Business: Monday, June 06, 1983 Out of Business: Tuesday, April 01, 1997
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    Raystown Resort boating event

    This is located in western central Pennsylvania and is a great place for a fall get-together. Has over 20 miles of water to play on. Scream & Fly link Resort link for info and reservation
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    There's really never been an STV event that I can remember, but just about any boating event is sure to have many STV's present.
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    stv euro with 200 hp mercury stock

    Welcome, what's it run like with that current prop, MPH and RPM.
  22. Administrator

    Side-mount steering for STV euroski

    As to which combination to get... i'm not sure but a side mount is the best. I ran the seastar pro on my euro/280 into the low 100 teens and never had any problems.
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    STV Euro

    I saw that when listed. And I still miss my Euro and with some luck someday will be able to get another one as "just my toy" when not in the Cougar. Very sharp colors.
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    new look?

    I had an upgrade done and didn't expect all the changes. Big surprise for me too. Now I just got to figure things all again.