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  1. 1991 STV PRO COMP

  2. River Rocket or ProComp Rear Race Cowl

    Soon as I figure out how to post pics I'll post a couple pics of it. It used to say attachment. Can somebody refresh my memory?
  3. River Rocket or ProComp Rear Race Cowl

    It's not such a long shot. I thought the same thing. I posted just like you and presto, I found one. A STV dealership in Antioch Il. Had one. I got lucky. Don't give . They are cool.
  4. No injector pulse

    I went out boating yesterday and when I pulled up to the beach i noticed that my 2.4 was intermittantly dropping a cylinder. Also smoking real bad when it did it. I did the norm, plugs, and wires. when i went to leave, it wouldn't start. Got it home and checked it out. It has spark but no injector pulse. What do you think, the analog box took a dump???
  5. Ever seen one of these?

    Well, I do have some friends in low places. I'll see if I can get some made up. Or different ones. Any good ideas. Like " Do not ride in, look at or talk about this boat if you have heart problems. It will raise your bloodpressure"
  6. Ever seen one of these?

    Does anyone have one of these in ther boat? Does anyone know where to get one?
  7. More tests with props

    it's a virgin. 150lbs comp on all 6 cyls. kinda hate to rip apart a good thing
  8. More tests with props

    I'm thinking maybe a 27 chopper would still accel like the 25 but I would be able to stay in it on the big end??
  9. More tests with props

    The boat has always just been run up to top end then get out of it. we don't have alot of boating room, but enough to make some decent big runs. the motor has 195 hours on it. it usually has been run up to 7500 then decell. it doesnt get held there. with the 25 chopper it trucked right up to 8000 and still pulled but I said uh uh. it was enough to put it to the big guy. I just laughed and said not bad for a fishin boat huh?
  10. More tests with props

    The motor height is the center hole. people tell me leave it alone because I still have the cle gearcase. I am into this quick accel now because everyone I boat with has blown 850 horse jets. with the srx they out accel me but I get em on the big end. with the 25 chopper, surprise, I put a boat and a half from a 20mph roll all the way to 90mph on the jet. awe too bad Mr. spitboat. it's only a clampon what happen??? LOL
  11. More tests with props

    my 91 pro comp, 2.4 bridgeport, 1.87 gears. I have a 14.5x29 srx which is a good all around prop. I now have access to a few other props. I just tried a 14.5 x 30 lab cleaver, which is what everybody says is the best for my setup. I say ha! It accelled like a stone compared to the srx. I ran it at wamplers lake michigan hot boat meet last sunday. I ran out of lake before I even hit a hundred mph. It was 99mph at 6800 rpm. it would probably run the big numbers but it was a dog. I just tried a 14.5 x 25 merc chopper, that thing accelled to 90 like you wouldn't believe. but it was 8000rpm at 90mph. What kind of rpm should be max on a 2.4 bp? I let off but it was still pulling hard. Think a 27 would be perfect?
  12. I lost my 106mph

    I can't seem to find the formula for slippage. can someone post it again for me?? what is normal slippage numbers?
  13. I lost my 106mph

    The 106 was on the gps. Maybe the tach is off. But it doesnt make any sense because the 7200rpm at 99 seems to add up??
  14. I Have a race cowl problem

    I want to use one of my own but I don't have a website.
  15. I lost my 106mph

    My 91 pro comp used to run 106mph at 7600 rpm with a 2.4, 14.5 x 29 omc srx prop, 2 to 1 gears in a cle 2 hole gearcase. Basically a stock motor. Just an aluminum flywheel and some different reeds. The locknut backed out at a 100mph and destroyed the gears and case. Now it's got 187 to 1 gears back in it. The boat now runs 99.8 at 7200rpm. What do you think? 2 to 1's or play with props? I really hate to tear back into a good case. Another thing is now I have a 4 hole on it. It has 22lbs of water pressure atb 99mph. Is that to much?