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  1. woodduck


    What about getting hold of the guys from Labsport/sportsfisherman marine? They should have an assortment of props to try. They were running 4 bladers on their old raceboat at one stage. Post some pics when you can.
  2. woodduck


    [attachmentid=2119]Here's my 97 STV EURO, Merc 260. I think its the only true STV in Australia. There may be a couple of flops.
  3. woodduck

    engine setback v height

    Hey guys, I took the big OMC off the stv euro and put on my 2.5 260. because it has a cut 15" mid I had to fit my allison set back plate to the L & S jack plate to clear the steering, hydraulics etc. I am running at 1/2 inch above pad with a total of 11 inches of set back (two plates) from the pod. How far above pad shpuld I be. At the moment I am chasing outright acceleration because the drag class they stuck me in ( I am in Australia) has a break out speed of 85mph. I ran the OMC with a 31" spinelli but with the MERC I have a merc ET, hoss triton, yamaha drag, all 24". They are off my allison so I presume they are Allison cut?. Any suggestions I have not the time to do intensive back to back testing as I have to go and blow big blocks away very soon. Thanks