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  1. Scott in MN

    Evaluating setup changes

    I was looking for ET improvements. MPH is not as important to me. I found a MoTec unit that would work perfect except it's out of my price range, maybe someday....Scott
  2. Scott in MN

    Evaluating setup changes

    What do you guys use to check if your setup change improves your time? I have been told that using an accellerometer in a boat confuses it and it won't work properly. I recall Wayne stating that water in his oil gave him a couple of tenths in his testing. Are you using external timers for your testing or do you have something on board? It seems not prudent nor accurate to be clicking a stop watch with one hand when you are trying to drive with the other. Even if the absolute numbers are not accurate I just need the comparative numbers to show improvement or not. Thanks, Scott