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  1. B.Mac

    STV wanted

    Gelcoat, no repairs, turnkey or hull...... cash now. Prefer rr but will consider PC or Euro if clean and right $ Thanks brianmccarthy@clearwire.net or jaxhousedr@yahoo.com B.MAC
  2. just wondering if it's still for sale? If not please specify? Thanks B.MAC
  3. Rig for sale still or no? OK I'll bite.....what motor, year, HP, mods? Which mid, which ram?, Hull weight if known?, Top speed with Peewee Herman driving drunk with wind at back (GPS) Have cash will drive up tomorrow. please e me with best price picked up at your place tomorow. jaxhousedr@yahoo.com or brianmccarthy@clearwire.net B.Mac from S&F
  4. Yo Clampon......Was up? Is that Pro comp in gelcoat or paint? Please describe history of BP. Year, EFI or carb? Any mods? Top speed at what RPM with what prop? Mid length/ type of ram and LU type? Jackplate and rigging? Gauges and steering type? ( looks like dual cable?) Got any pics? I need as many as you got. Speed GPS'd or estimated? What gauges? EGT's? Got cash and will to drive to Ohio tomorrow. Yes......Tomorrow. Fire me some pics please to jaxhousedr@yahoo.com or brianmccarthy@clearwire.net I would very sincerely appreciate any disclosures now before I make the drive....I can deal with problems if thier disclosed upfront....... No disrespect intended but I'm serious as a heart attack about driving up tomorrow. Transom solid or needing attention?? Stress cracks, if so where? Please need pics of dash, sponsons, transom, rigging, upholstery and some pics of motor. What bottom ski or race, looks like a ski bottom? Any mods/oversized holes? Compression/ leakdown#'s? Any welds? C'mon now Clampon.......shoot me some info as the rig looks like what I'm lookin' for. Wanted a RR but will settle for Procomp if it's clean ......This is an STV and not a splash? I think Anthony SS will vouch for me that I'm not prop spinning. Thanks for tolerating my questions .......Call me if you like 941-685-7095/ 904-786-4647 or 904-309-2647. Deposit ready. B.MAC from S&F
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