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  1. Sure that might help,thanks Larry
  2. I no there is some pictures of transom braces on here somewhere but i cant find them,any help would be appreciated,thanks ,Davev
  3. Thats why i dont wana sell mine,i would miss it to much,lol, but i am thinking something bigger,cool website Kurt.
  4. davey w

    Jack plate

    Thanks,might be what im looking for.
  5. davey w

    Jack plate

    Thanks Bob,i do like all there options.
  6. davey w

    Jack plate

    Im looking into a new jack plate for my euro,this one no good,any suggestions on what would be the best brand name to buy,im going with under 6 inches of set back,thanks ,Davey
  7. Anyone have any experience running a hoss hyperdrive on a euro,i just got one but havent tried it yet,will post results,
  8. my new euro has ten inch set back,has anyone ever run that much,seems like alot,maybe i just need to get use to it,thanks. Dave
  9. davey w


    Still looking,thers got to be one out there,,
  10. davey w


    Looking for a euro,must be mint,cash on hand,Davey.518-207-6621
  11. I know this has been asked maney times before,trying to make some conversation, but i would like to get a better all around prop for my euro , got a top end cleaver,i use a srx-14.25x27 for my all around prop, works great , tops out about 85,86 hundred ,a little high on rs,what about the ets,what pitch ,hope to get some feed back on this,thanks Davey
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