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  1. Transom brace

    Sure that might help,thanks Larry
  2. Transom brace

    I no there is some pictures of transom braces on here somewhere but i cant find them,any help would be appreciated,thanks ,Davev
  3. Havent been here in a while

    Thats why i dont wana sell mine,i would miss it to much,lol, but i am thinking something bigger,cool website Kurt.
  4. Jack plate

    Thanks guys.
  5. Jack plate

    Thanks Larry.
  6. Jack plate

    Thanks,might be what im looking for.
  7. Jack plate

    Thanks Bob,i do like all there options.
  8. Jack plate

  9. Jack plate

    Im looking into a new jack plate for my euro,this one no good,any suggestions on what would be the best brand name to buy,im going with under 6 inches of set back,thanks ,Davey
  10. Hoss Hyperdrive

    Anyone have any experience running a hoss hyperdrive on a euro,i just got one but havent tried it yet,will post results,
  11. euro set back

    my new euro has ten inch set back,has anyone ever run that much,seems like alot,maybe i just need to get use to it,thanks. Dave
  12. STV EURO

    Still looking,thers got to be one out there,,
  13. STV EURO

    Looking for a euro,must be mint,cash on hand,Davey.518-207-6621
  14. Euro Ski

    I know this has been asked maney times before,trying to make some conversation, but i would like to get a better all around prop for my euro , got a top end cleaver,i use a srx-14.25x27 for my all around prop, works great , tops out about 85,86 hundred ,a little high on rs,what about the ets,what pitch ,hope to get some feed back on this,thanks Davey