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  1. Transom brace

    I no there is some pictures of transom braces on here somewhere but i cant find them,any help would be appreciated,thanks ,Davev
  2. Transom brace

    Sure that might help,thanks Larry
  3. Havent been here in a while

    Thats why i dont wana sell mine,i would miss it to much,lol, but i am thinking something bigger,cool website Kurt.
  4. Jack plate

    Im looking into a new jack plate for my euro,this one no good,any suggestions on what would be the best brand name to buy,im going with under 6 inches of set back,thanks ,Davey
  5. Jack plate

    Thanks guys.
  6. Jack plate

    Thanks Larry.
  7. Jack plate

    Thanks,might be what im looking for.
  8. Jack plate

    Thanks Bob,i do like all there options.
  9. Jack plate

  10. Hoss Hyperdrive

    Anyone have any experience running a hoss hyperdrive on a euro,i just got one but havent tried it yet,will post results,
  11. daves boat.

    my ride
  12. euro set back

    my new euro has ten inch set back,has anyone ever run that much,seems like alot,maybe i just need to get use to it,thanks. Dave
  13. STV EURO

    Looking for a euro,must be mint,cash on hand,Davey.518-207-6621
  14. STV EURO

    Still looking,thers got to be one out there,,
  15. Euro Ski

    I know this has been asked maney times before,trying to make some conversation, but i would like to get a better all around prop for my euro , got a top end cleaver,i use a srx-14.25x27 for my all around prop, works great , tops out about 85,86 hundred ,a little high on rs,what about the ets,what pitch ,hope to get some feed back on this,thanks Davey
  16. Euro

    Was this bottom on Helmuts boat made spicifically for drag raceing,
  17. bottom mods

    ' Yes. since then there have been other bottom mods made that give the same effect, I suspect this boat won't be as fast as Helmuts other one. But who knows, this one has a STRAIGHT bottom. you know I had that impression when i first drove it. when i had my other stv a bone stock 96' 260 with newer 814141 rods and weisco's would go 115. Then when i got this boat it had a bone stock 95' 260 with the early style mahle pistons and big 5250 rods it would only go about 111. then i went and cut some exhaust chest & rod slots and put the svs on and it did 119. 119 is what my other boat did with this same particular 15x32 lab cleaver. the good 14.5 x 32 double lab got destroyed that I went 120's with. I think I have the motor about where i want it now with the new lighter rotating assemby. I should pick up a few r's and get 120's with this prop. I just bought like 6 lab props to play with from 32 -34 but first things first. I just want to see this boat out perform my other stv with the same prop and engine setup before I go changing props. weathers been holding me up Talked to a guy at merc raceing yesterday,depending on rpms he could make me a lab cleaver that would get me 4 to 7 mph ,yea rite,guess how much?im haveing the same problum up here ,weather,just got the cleaver prop i bought from racemen back,try it if you want,cant wait to try it myself,the Srx works great,but rpms are little high,at 85-86 hundred maybe more,hard to look,see ya at the romp,l
  18. Doesnt anyone have anything to say?

    Your rite Kurt,it is a little dead,but winters over,im hopeing things get going,i check this site allmost everyday,STV owners has got me to were i wana be,plus this is were i found my first Stv.thanks,and thanks for all the help. Davey W
  19. Prop

    Ok im buying a new prop from Diamond marine, for top end ,not sure what one to get ,14 or 14.5 ,lab cleaver,its a lot of money so i gota make sure its the rite one,euro modified 260,any info would be appreciated,thanks Davey
  20. Prop

    Anyone ever try a 15x32 merc cleaver on a euro,modified 260,or have any info,
  21. Prop

    Thanks Mat,got a chance to buy one cheap, send it out ,get it cut down, that Frank is a good guy, hes been a lot of help on this road to a fast boat.
  22. daves boat.

    That is a great looking ride Dave. fish THanks Fish,we could be twins,
  23. Prop

    Looking for a 14.5x32,merc lab cleaver,Thanks Dave
  24. euroski

    got my new boat home yesterday,95 euro,droped it in the water,man it flys,but the steering seems to pull hard to the right,any info would be appreciated,thanks dave