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  1. Anyone going to BBSP?

    BBSP is in Havasu Big Block Spankin Party......... April 18th weekend?
  2. 1994 STV EURO

    I have them in full size to.
  3. 1994 STV EURO

  4. 1994 STV EURO

  5. 1994 STV EURO

    keith@stvboats.com Im sorry, I didn't mean you. I know you are not looking for a boat.
  6. 1994 STV EURO

    Send me your email or post it and I'll send you pics.
  7. 1994 STV EURO

    I was just in Parker last weekend, time to get ready for sand season. Thanks for the info though, I'll go to the BBSP in April
  8. 1994 STV EURO

    1994 STV EURO, 1995 Mercury 2.5 260 dig EFI, pics are on my other computer, working on them.
  9. 1994 STV EURO

    Im thinking about selling my boat anyone looking for a Euro? In southern Ca. The gauges have all been replace, 5" tach and 5" GPS speedo, seats have been redone along with the carpet. Newer tires on single axle trailer. Boat is blue and white with full cover and bimini. If it sells then great if not no biggie, just thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone is looking for one. I just did this stuff 6 months ago so Im not gonna give it away by any means. 858-688-2220
  10. R/C STV mod vp

    Nice! you the man cant wait to see it.
  11. R/C STV mod vp

    You getting close to posting some pics yet?
  12. Hey Matt

    How far of a run did it take to get it to that speed? 110 is damn good with that kind of weight in the boat.
  13. R/C STV mod vp

    Any new pics?
  14. Hey Matt

    Damn I need a 300, 117mph is damn good! Nice!