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  1. hampdawgg

    question about STV boat

    its an adult one seater. Yeah the boat is extremely light. You can lift the front of the trailer up with one finger. Yeah the boat is in fantastic shape. Garage kept with a cover on it its entire life.
  2. hampdawgg

    question about STV boat

    I inherited an STV racing boat and am looking to sale it. I really have no inclination on how much to sell it for or how to go about selling it. Here are the stats: 1992 STV 12.5 ft length 13 ft hustler trailer Johnson Formula E motor (75 hp) polished stainless steel prop built by summerfield racing in June of 1992 1 owner boat only driven 1 or 2 times a year for roughly 30 minutes per run sharp, in perfect condition, lime green and white garage kept with cover have pictures but didn't have them handy upon finding this site. Will post pictures over weekend. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The boat is located in nashville, TN.