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    STV RR Fuel Tanks

    I've managed to get one, so feel free to buy this one Dan... I like the idea of the sump for sure... I may have one built at a later time... Cheers
  2. Haulin

    STV RR Fuel Tanks

    Thanks Kurt... I'll call them! I'll get you guys some photo's soon...
  3. Haulin

    STV RR Fuel Tanks

    Hey guys... I need at least a 25 gallon fuel tank for an STV RR... What are my options? Light weight is my main concern but need as much capacity as possible for some long trips... I have a small aluminum one now... too small! Where can I get the plastic ones that come in the RR's from the factory? I've called/e-mailed triad a number of times and just never get a response... e-mail direct at Cheers, Mike
  4. Haulin

    Summerford Rocket for sale

    Hey Phil, I sent an offer on your regular e-mail but never got a reply... so not sure if you saw it... Anyway, I have cash and ready to make this a done deal... I can send a deposit right away and come to see it within a week... Cheers,
  5. Haulin

    STV River Rocket - 4 seater, 15 inch transom

    Hey Brad, thanks for the welcome! Since my deal got hiJacked in TO, I'm back looking for a hull... I am indeed aware that I can run the 15 inch on a 20 inch boat, but I'm really wanting to go with a 15 inch... I'm trying to get in the que for a new hull as well... unless of course I can find a real nice one between now and then... I was real dissapointed to lose the TO one... It was perfect... oh well! If someone can hook me up with a real nice 4 seater/15 inch transom... I would be very grateful! Cheers, Mike
  6. Wanted to buy STV River Rocket, must be 4 seater with 15 inch transom, with or without power, prefer to have both race rear cowl and rear seats... I live in the Vancouver Canada area, so pickup could be a concern as most are in the south east... will buy new or used... e-mail me at mikenass@shaw.ca cheers, Mike