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  1. Tell me about it, they must be a dying breed. Waterboy
  2. Well, I can't say much on that one. I haven't pulled my mirage out in almost 9 weeks. Waterboy
  3. Nice to see after all the talk about a site for mirage's, That people are actually using it. Waterboy
  4. One more for now Waterboy
  5. Well, I guess I'll put mine on here also 97 Collins with a 2.5 merc Waterboy
  6. Waterboy

    STV river rocket

    I'm looking for a 95 or newer river rocket, 550lb or less in good shape with motor, prefer 300 drag, but open to that. Please, no junk, Just went to MI and looked and turned out the motor was dead in a cylinder. Waterboy
  7. Raceman's boat has been in the water maybe 40 minutes since new. I talk with him frequently. Waterboy
  8. Rocket, I'm almost positive that is BRB's old teal STV. I talked with BRB when he was selling it and it was a drag bottom, that is what kept me from buying it. I didn't need that kind of boat for what we do down here. ( Playing on the river). Waterboy
  9. Well, guys, I asked the question because a friend of mine has a 96 river rocket that weights around 550. We run on a river down here and never run on rough water. I have a Mirage skiracer 4 seater now that the previous owner said weighted around 625, I can't confirm this. I ask Brad Collins about it and he said he did make some light 4 seaters. I know my top deck is too thin to walk on. I just like the looks of the stv, especially with a short shaft. I looked at a few at Palatka this year. I like the colors of BRB's teal and white drag stv, I talked with him a bunch about it but was not so sure about the drag bottom ( heard some bad things about it) for my usage. Waterboy
  10. How light will Wally at triad build a river rocket? I heard that they will not build one light ( I mean like 500 to 550lbs) unless you can prove that you're gonna race it. I don't race in events, just locally with weekend friends. I currently own a Skiracer that weights approx. around 625 to 650, This is a 4- seater also. I don't want to buy a heavier boat. Thanks, Waterboy
  11. StvHelm, you got one nice looking boat there. Just thought you should know. Waterboy
  12. Waterboy

    What MOTOR

    I was running a 94 2.5 Merc. offshore Carb. until a ring came apart or something. Best time was 97 with gps on a Mirageskiracer with a 26p.
  13. Send me a pic at Mirageskiracer@aol.com. I know that I need two, might need more. I'd better fix it before the new house and I start my business. Thanks, Jason
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