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  1. Hello,My name is Brian and I live in Peterborough,Ontario and it is my year for a new Boat.I'm looking for comfort and speed and I think a Euroski, Liberator or similar boat with a 300 would fit the bill.I don't want to fix it all the time and I would like some room and a nice interior.I have up to $30,000 to spend possibly more,and I can travel a little to see the boat.I would consider a different motor if it is near stock and won't need a lot of constant attention.I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks, Brian 705-876-0400 themax@cogeco.ca
  2. Thanks Firestarter for the comprehensive education which is invaluable to a newbie like myself. Thanks Anthony.I will call this week. What a great bunch of people you guys are!!!!
  3. Thank you so much for the referral.I will call Paul tomorrow. I am also anxious to learn the performance differences between the various bottoms and types of STV's such as the Euro types and River rockets etc. Thanks, brian
  4. Hello Anthony, You are correct.The boat belongs to Jeff Woodside and it is definitely running on the ragged edge of what I suspect is the boat's limits. I am just starting to learn about the other types of STV's and I would like to be able to speak to some experts like yourself about them. I need a cheaper boat this year under 15,000 CAN but will be able to buy new or newer all set up next year. I would appreciate a phone call and any references to help me to learn more. Thanks Brian 705-876-0400
  5. Hello STV Owners Club, My name is Brian and I live in Peterborough,Ontario.I just found out about this club and all your knowledgeable members on this board. I need advice on what current STV's are worth so I don't pay too much. I see that Anthony SS lives near me as well and appears to have an STV Charger. I owned a 1987 Charger STV tunnel V type with an old Merc 225 and it would run 85 all day long.I had the boat for 8 years and sold it to a friend.I was forced to sell it 5 years ago and I'm looking again. I found one just like it here in Peterborough with a 200 GT Johnson recent rebuild from Warren at Gannons Narrows Marine who has a great rep as an OMC guru. The boat is a 1987 but the top gel coat is checkered a bit.The bottom is brand new looking and you can tell that the boat is never left in the water. The owner lives two blocks from my house and I have been looking at it in his driveway for years. The boat has a bullet nosecone,low water pickup.hydraulic jack plate,double cupped Spinelli 32,extended trim rods, and the prop shaft support has been drilled and pinned.The boat runs 93 mph single and 90mph with him and myself at low fuel.The owner is asking 10,500 CAN and I may get it for 9 to 9500.The boat is cream grey with dark blue stripes.If I buy it,does anyone know what a two colour gel coat would cost on the top deck.The owner suggested Hot Knots for the work???? If anyone knows of a lower dollar STV under 15,000 CAN please call. Thanks for any help Brian 705-876-0400
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