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    I have a real nice 95 Euro with a 260 if you're interested. It's located in Wisconsin.
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    New to STV Owners

    Would you be interested in my 95 Euro with a 2.5? New Brucato PCU, new hydraulic steering, full cover, trailer, very low hours, extremely clean, $18,500.
  3. On or off? Anyone know?
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    Here's a good price on Sea Star- https://www.surplusunlimited.com/Merchant2/...ry_Code=2300-20 I've been very pleased with mine. Good luck
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    Life Jackets

    Thanks Keith for your input, good point. Anyone else? Polker run style or race jacket?
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    Life Jackets

    I was looking at the Lifeline website for life jackets and was wondering what style most people wear. Would the polker run style be ok or should I be looking at the offshore style? I assume having the imact protection would be a good thing as well yes? Is there a better place to order them from?
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    Couple questions for RiverRocket owners

    I've seen some boats with Acon pop up cleats and I would like to install them as well. Is there any particular place they should be located on a Euro and what are they backed up with? Does any one know if they need to have the glass reinforced underneath?
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    Almost time to start prop shopping

    Fish- How many r's and MPH do you get from the 28 et?
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    Almost time to start prop shopping

    I was running a 28" RE-4 last summer for everyday. It pulls hard out of the hole and eliminates the side to side tremor you get with a RE-3 when crossing wakes and running in slop. It had a small nick in it so I took it to Bblades and had it balanced and blueprinted but not thinned because I didn't want to loose durability. I am eager to try it out now as it ran very good before and now I'm expecting "great".
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    what's on your boat's christmas list?

    The Euro got Seastar Pro Steering, new Momo with side trim lever, new pyrometers, new decals, Brucato box, and blueprinted RE4. The Powerplay gets rear seat cushions reupholstered.
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    STV Desktop...

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    1995 Euro - 260 package

    I haven't run on Shawano- yet. I probably will take a run up there sometime as it's only an hour away and one the great things about the Euro is it's ease of trailering. I'm planning on exploring some new lakes over the next year and would like to attend a weekend gathering somewhere with other STV owners. Who's running on Shawano?
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    1995 Euro - 260 package

    Ah, the new owner would be me! This is my first fast boat (well, fast is a relative term, but it is certainly the fastest boat I've had) and I guess it's true- speed changes you. I love this thing. The acceleration is amazing, the ride quality is way better than I expected for a small light-weight boat, it's easy to drive, and it's inexpensive to fuel- it seems to get about 3MPG while cruising at speeds that exceed the top end of most other boats. What's not to like? (Other than possibly the 260's idle and dock manners and the lack of an alternator) I've been running mostly larger offshore go-fasts over the last 20 years and each time at trade-in they successively got larger and in their own way felt closer to driving an "aircraft carrier". Looking back, one of my favorite boats I had over the years was a 15' Boston Whaler Sport with a 70 Yammer. It planned instantly, and was incredibly nimble. At full speed (47 MPH on the wish-o-meter) it packed air between the wings and rode far better than it had a right to. I reasoned that the Euro would do the same thing (but like it's on steroids) and I haven't been dissappointed. Now that I've worked out the electrical bugs (by replacing almost everything) it runs like a top and I can't wait for the weekends to get some seat time. The cool fall air should make for prime time river running. Are there other STV owners in WI that run the Wolf/Winnebago watershead?