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  1. Fang

    fuel gauge

    Mike, sorry I couldn't make it down to Tablerock Lake the 17th and 18th to meet you. Randy sent me some pics of the three STVs and they look great! Earlier this year I installed one of the Gaffrig sending units in my Euro that Anthony was telling you about. It will bolt right in (you will have to get some longer bolts because of the thicker body). The only other thing you have to do is run 12v pos to the sender (that will make three wires total to the sender). There are two small screws on the sender to set the "full" and "empty" marks on your gauge. I didn't get any instructions with mine but found them at www.livorsi.com. I'm very happy with this setup but it does not quite get rid of all the bounce. I would say it's around 80% better though. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Jim and Darcy (yellow & purple Euro)
  2. Fang

    rub rail

    Try these: (864) 333-2400 or Fax (864) 333-2404 You may have to try a few times, they get pretty busy around the shop this time of year.
  3. Fang

    rub rail

    Try contacting Wally at Triad. He should be able to help or point you in the right direction. The biggest problem is shipping because it's very fragile and comes in ten foot sections. I made the trip from St. Louis to Hendersonville (Nashville) to pick up four or five sections a few years back. At least I got them back home straight. Good luck in finding some.