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  1. Prop choices?

    I'm planning on getting a 260 sometime this season. Since Spinelli is in town I was thinking of getting a prop built from them. What props are you running and suggest. I don't care about draggin since that is far too short. I would like to get top end but it might be conceivable to give a little for better acceleration. I was thinking about something like a 32" cleaver?
  2. hey larry, answer your phone.....

    Theres no speed limit on Niarga river - Canadian side. But you probaby don't want to bring the boat.
  3. Trim indicator on 260

    You need the fork gadget on the OB. The cable The mechanical linear gauge This don't go for $125. Although it looks cheaper than the livorsi set. Or should I use the word less expensive
  4. Trim indicator on 260

    A bit of both. If you just want to be in the ball park then the merc thing is ok. The spot I'm talking about is clearer in the picture? I don't see why a 260 wouldn't have it since its how you install the rams top pin. #1 is the location, since my pin isn't in you don't see it. This is with the cover off. #2 is the trim\tilt switch. The way it works is the rams pin is pinned in place, it rotates with the ram.
  5. setback & prop height

    Everyone else must be using their boat since no one answered. Yes you go up due to 2 reasons. The water is depressed under the boat and rises, it rises further- the further back you go. Also the boat is at an angle. So going back from this angle is placing the motor deeper. The rule of thumb I've seen is anything from 3/8" to over half an inch for every inch you go back. I figure it don't matter, you jack up till it rides right and you still have water pressure. The long thread on hull balance is excellent reading if you haven't read it yet. I guess you have a hydraulic jack, if its a manual they do (mine does) have a 2nd hole selection to tuck the engine in more. Not sure why?
  6. STV Two-Seater 19

    The molds were recently sold by triad to someones name who isn't yet etched in my brain. There is a post somewhere mentioning announcing this though. Hes spoda be starting soon on building the STVs. DON"T BUY A LIBERATOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post might be kind of lost and unseen by most. You might want to ask this in the general area just to get more opinions than mine though. I don't know much about the other boats but for some reason liberator seems to settle far down the ladder of what you should get. There are other better boats. Better built and better performance.
  7. Trim indicator on 260

    What do you need accuracy for if your in the ball park? The sender is just a rotary resistor located on the port side at the rams top pin. The screw slot turns it. Whether a 260 had one or not shouldn't matter since it probably has the plate and screw for putting this thing on. If you don't have one on the engine then this is why your gauge don't work. I'm biased against the $700 don't know what it reads indicators so I won't say anything more. You do need the bracket, gauge and cable though if you go that route.
  8. Hull Balance

    If your vacation allows it go out in the morning during a weekday. I work on the water and took mine out that morning after seeing the lake dead calm. My boss was a bit confused why I drove in to take the day off. My lake is almost always calm in the morning. I also went out during off hours. There seems to be an unofficial time people put their boats in and a time they just have to get out. I've seen 20 boats lined up to leave when if they waited an hour there would be no line. I think it was 7-7:30 pm on saturdays and sundays. It was the magic time. The vampires came out or something. Your lakes should have a calm time and a lemming run of boaters. You might be able to work around those 2.
  9. E85 fuel

    Fuel economy isn't a big concern with racing fuel. I posted that since energy wise is should be 28% less efficient, but it isn't. I do think the fuel pump could be a concern, at least enough to check into to eliminate it as one. The boshe fuel pumps have the motor immersed in the fuel. The can contains the pump and motor. The wiki site mentioned it as being conductive and not nice on these types of pumps, but apparently they are used in some kind of modified form in the cars meant to run it.
  10. E85 fuel

    Its 105 octane and 25% less efficient, if that matters. There are other issues with it that might be ignored. Check out wiki Conductive fuel, immersed fuel pump? the use of acid-neutralizing motor oil flame arrestors blah blah blah.
  11. Steering Set Up Options

    If the tiller breaks I don't think any of the other stuff matters. If it breaks between bolts? What if it just breaks off? If one of those bolts do break does this plate turn into a pivot? A pivot on the remaining bolt or is there a physical blocking to it? I mean it looks like the 2 bolts are still just a single bolt. I seem to remember a type that looked more like a sleeve than a Y plate?
  12. are all stv tranom's drilled at the factory?

    I was going to go directly on the transom but even if this 3rd hole gets you 1" or whatever your next choices are 3/4" away, thats the spacing of the clamp holes. So going on the transom gives very little adjustment options. In your case if you have +3/4 your other choices are 1.5" and =even I decided to invert the jack plate. 3/8" + 3/8"+ the bolt head, just 1 bolt head gets you a 1" set back which I think is fine. To do this you do need a mill or have someone mill it but the edge of the engine angles end up with the existing slots. So the slots need to be milled and some new holes drilled. For me this should give me -3/4" up to +3,1/4" This range is a variable since your drilling new holes on the engine angle for the slots. Depending on where the holes are is where the jack travel ranges. You lose any kind of help jacking it up so I figured until I build the pnuematics either trim or trailer jack can move it up/down. There is no room other than a screw to move it vertically. Just to give a general idea. The mounting bolts heads don't interfere since they aren't in the same location vertically. They may limit travel but then you move to another engine hole spot. Not easy but its do-able.
  13. I see AQUAholic is over

    When I read that thread I kind a wondered if the boat had been dragged. 10,000 rpm for 30 hours? Broken shaft worked last time it was run.
  14. Hull Balance

    My odyssey battery weighs 25lbs so I think one is going next to the passenger. I'm using welding cable so the long run isn't a problem just the mounting. And it isn't a rigging hold up- I can skip it if needed.
  15. the what nots to dooze

    I've been plowing through some of the older set up posts and some one GFI? mentioned building a boat for a customer who just had to have several things that didn't add up. Seperately or 2 of them apparently could have been done but too many were contrary. I think it was- drag engine, light boat, unmodified sportmaster with high speeds expected. The list of what to do's is kind of long so I thought what about the not to do's? What shouldn't you do rigging your boat? For example what prop/s are just a waste of time? You might get them to work but why bother when the correct type would be easier to set up. Stern lifting un modified sportmasters that are expected to be driven over 120. What obvious just don't do-es are there? I'm thinking a jack plate on a lightweight STV? You now need even more weight forward to counter act this set back weight?
  16. 300 XS Merc

    But how big was his tank?
  17. Fuel sender

    I asked on S&F but it was buried. Anyone know who sells the vertical fuel senders? The non float type. Now that I need one can't find them.
  18. Fuel sender

    Thanks. I'll givem a call tuesday. I did finaly find it on their site. Under redline. I hate sites that suck.
  19. Steering Set Up Options

    Apposed cables can use 2 bolts on the tiller. Some one must have a pic of that? Now what about cable steering? Isn't this safe?
  20. Rigging help/ choices

    I'm planning on not using the manual jack plate on my PCS. I don't think its needed but without it the boat should fit in the garage. Its also something I don't have to polish if I don't use it. Use it or lose it? Is there anyway to micro adjust the prop height without one? About where should it be when mounted if using only the standard holes? The transom holes might not be in the 'normal' location. But what am I shooting for as ideal? Since my LU is welded how fast can I sanely drive this until I replace it? The engine has to be broken in still so that will help to go slow, I know it will be slow- just how slow? I can always steal my brothers unbroken LU when he don't know, maybe. If I can afford it what ratio LU and type would be best? What would be usable if I can't afford it? And finally kinda what prop. The boat should weigh in about 1,250lbs. With me thats +200. Oh I guess this is the most important. I don't much care about hole shot -mostly want something faster than I want to go kind if thing. I won't have much $ if any left to play with props, gear ratios or anything besides tanks of gas. Any money left will be going for gas. No more optional change outs. I'm not really trying to go 121 when I'm going 119 kind of thing, although if I could... Its a modified-demodified 260 I had 340 at the crank with high comp heads which are now normal. so Roughly back to a 260.
  21. Rigging help/ choices

    Thanks for the info guys. As far as the welded skeg. I know who did it but I wasn't there and I don't know the guy or how well he did it. I bought it this way, it wasn't welded for me. In other words its on the questionable side of whether or not you can run a welded skeg. Now I figure I can/could run it up to higher numbers as the engine breaks in BUT this is one of those human nature things like I can have just one cigarette. I doubt I would do this responsibly so I won'ts do it. At least thats what I say now.
  22. Hull Balance

    Instead of the shot bag use one of those mud anchors. This is what I bought and had planned on placing in a mount in the left sponson. Now I think I'll make these mounts movable or multiple to move it a bit fwd aft. Forgot how much it wieghs but its a plastic bullet with fins and filled with shot. Hmm pure chance was correct rigging. I'm glad I popped back in.
  23. Deck differences?

    Thinking about building a model and wondering how may decktypes there are. Wondering how many decks there are from the 90s to today in the different models too? How many big difference decks rather than something inmaterialish.
  24. Deck differences?

    ProComp- yes jjones2 -no
  25. Dash Pics

    Procomp, I got a disease. A very very baaaaad disease.