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  1. mike

    running in flat h2o

    thanks for all the great advice. I am taking the boat out on saturday and will try everything out. I have noticed you get a little wet around 30. my solution to this is go FASTER!
  2. can anyone help? I just bought a 95 euro with a johnrude making around 200hp. The boat runs great in chop but when you get in glass water it wants to porpoise around 80. What can i do to correct the problem? I am using a 26 yamaha drag worked by tilman and the shaft is 1/2" above the pad. I have tried going up and down with the motor but it does not correct the problem.
  3. mike

    looking for euro

    i am looking for euro located in the south. price range 10-15k... it must have a merc or no motor
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