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  1. I was going to order a hydrostream venom 4 seater, but wanted to check out the competions prices first, I know a Stv 4 seater is $5000 more and a Allison (GS or SS) is, well you know alot more over $10,000 more, and a V-21 is ? I don't know what they are or if you can even get one.
  2. If so how much would it cost. Checking out my options before I order something.
  3. Is boat still for sale, if so send pics of interior to john4utvols@yahoo.com
  4. That looks like my Pro Comp. If you would put some pics of a side shot. I would like to see what that windshield looks like from the side. I have all the buttons going around the top for my interior top, I wonder if thats what your windshield is hooked on. Thanks John
  5. Another ? Is the pro comp a river rocket, I noticed in the blow over discussion the pro comp was never mentioned.
  6. Jon if I can get rid of the pro comp, I would probably take that off your hands. Great looking ride.
  7. Does anyone know why the foam was put in the boats, besides keeping it afloat if it started sinking.
  8. I was told carburetor cleaner would melt foam has anyone tried this. Holeshot if you have not trashed yours can you try it on it, also how much do you think it wieghed
  9. Keys dave so your saying put a titus mod on the cle, or just swap to a SM and I will pick up 4-6 mph.
  10. So your saying I should be running 120. I have a 91 pro comp, 91 260 stock, foam still in the boat 6'' set back driver weight 220lbs CLE lower unit 1.87 gears 28 pp prop 115 mph unsure of the rpm it was the first time I ran that fast in this boat. I believe the boat can run faster, but I haven't tried another prop yet. Also what engine height should my motor be at.
  11. Man, I just went and looked to make sure I had foam in my boat, and it is from the back seat to the rear of the boat on each side. The reason I really didn't notice it, was because it is painted like the back of the boat. I wonder how much this really weigh's, and how much more performace will I get out of the boat once its gone. Also I believe there is some in the nose of the boat should this be removed also.
  12. What tools did you find worked the best to dig it out? Were you able to scrape it cleen?
  13. I'm looking to buy a new stv or q-shot, My problem is are they still making the stv's. I'm trying to weigh my options. Thanks John.
  14. Where should I be on the pad. Right now I'm .25 below the pad. Also do I need a 3" jackplate, everyone at the rumble had one, it seemed. My boat is a 91 pro comp, and I'm running a cle. Thanks John
  15. If you don't remember my ride it is a 92 pro comp stv with 2 seats up front and I'm runnin a 260 merc with a cle lower unit. My question is I put a 26 lightning et on it this weekend, but the boat still turned a little to the left at 90, Why is it doing this. 1. Is it because the lower unit is a cle 2. Is it because the motor is in the middle hole 3. Or is it because I don't have it trimmed high enough Guys any help will be appreciated no one in this area has a stv
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