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  1. tim tynan

    prop hub conversion

    I have done a couple of them now, they seem to hold up pretty well to 200hp popti max's But have never tried a big hp motor. I am pressing out the old small propshaft hub out, then machine the back of the prop open, install a fat shaft stainless hub without wear pads. Machine rear hub lock spacer and press it all back together. The prop has a safety collar so if the hub should fail you wont loose the prop, kinka like the stock system. I will do a couple more if anyone wants to try it. Have only tried over hub style props, no through hubs. Will need a prop and fat shaft hub takes me about week to get it done. If this generates enough interest I will broach a new fatshaft hub and put them into production, make it a do it yourself kit.
  2. tim tynan

    A42 Box

    they came with two options on rev limiter 7750 and 8200, I had two of these boxes both of them failed after about a yr each. I had one rebuilt by someone cant remember who it was, but it ran pretty good untill I sold the boat, dont know what happend after that.
  3. tim tynan

    Cleaver Shoot test

    My old STV with a 31 merc lab cleaver stock motor with milled heads 155 comp, stock comp on that 93 2.5 mariner offshore was 120psi. Install the A42 digital box with 8200 rev limiter, boat went 117.6 on radar up river. With a 29 mazco RE29 in stock form boat ran 107mph at 8150, Had Gibbs Propeller rework the RE29 and it ran 112.1 at 8150rpm its hole shot and mid pull where more impresive improvment then the speed increas. Put on a 34P merc lab cleaver ran it to 8050rpm on nitrous boat went 126.3mph, Boat was slow to plain, ran it up to about 75mph then came on the nitrous. That was a one time test, my Skirt blew big time. Both props would pull to the limiter but I freak out at over hundy when you bump the limiter, that boat didnt like it much. NO jack plate or setback plate on that boat, motor was fixed at 1 1/4 above pad.