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    1996 STV Euro Ski Set-up

    Don't look like theres to much activity on this page any more!! I just sold a Euro with a 225 Promax and spent many hours experimenting with set up!! Center pop shaft should be 1" to 1 1/2" above pad!! The prop I found best performed best was a 3 blade Hoss triton, 30P. My rev limiter was still in at 6700 rpms and ran against the limiter on all the props that I tried. The Hoss got up to 100mph and handles great at all rpms. My name is Wendel and you can text or call with any other questions 225-206-0172 If you have a Facebook account theres a page on there called STV race boats with plenty activity and some guys that run in the 120mph class. so plenty of knowledge there!!