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    River rocket prop recommend

    a 26 might be a good all around prop
  2. Amtree

    STV Hats and T-Shirts

    HI Larry, Where are you in Pa.? We are always looking to add another hotboat to our group, Doug dm@americantreescapes.com
  3. Amtree

    Procomp vrs Sprint

    As for the cockpit width, the sprint comes to more of a point up front than the pro comp, but back further toward the stern I believe the are the same or at least very close.
  4. Amtree

    Procomp vrs Sprint

    You are welcome. That being said the pro comp cover may work on the sprint if you pulled the bungees/ropes down tighter but not sure a sprint cover would work on a pro comp unless it was a loose fitting cover.
  5. Amtree


    Boating in Trenton NJ. Summer 2016
  6. Amtree

    Procomp vrs Sprint

    The decks are different heights as well. Sprint deck is lower
  7. Amtree

    where is everyone?

    I agree. I checked in for a while but it seemed like I was the only one. It would be nice to get some more traffic on here. I find the site not real easy to navigate...but I am not very computer saavy, Doug
  8. Amtree


    Hi Guys, anyone know where the two tone blue v-bottom is? I would like to find my old boat. 215-852-5660 or dm@americantreescapes.com Thanks!
  9. Amtree


    If anybody knows where the two tone blue v-bottom is please let me know. Its my old boat I bought new. Thanks, Doug 215-852-5660 or dm@americantreesscapes.com
  10. Amtree

    Let the STV SRV rebuild begin.

    Hi all, I bought one new and back in the day and they run great. I saw 103mph on a land and sea speedo with a Bob Kottman Yamaha excel "mild motor" with two of us in the boat. If I recall that was with my regular prop and I was even trying to do a speed run with a tall prop. Great handling as well. There are photos of my boat in the other section of this site. It is the blue on blue one. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks, Doug 215-852-5660 dm@americantreescapes.com
  11. Amtree

    STV 20' V

    Hi all, Anyone know who the two tone blue one belongs to? It is my old SRV that I bought new. Thanks, Doug 215-852-5660 dm@americantreescapes.com
  12. Amtree

    SRV Aired out

    HI all, I would like to find my old SRV. It's two tone blue and I saw photos of it on the site a while back. Thanks, Doug