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  1. ive got one never been used...come with a motor i bought pan and hrdwr.....$1050.00 shipped us only 502-641-7918 call for pics and details....SOLD!!!!!!!!! SOLD!!!!!! ------------------------------
  2. they did on a few in late 89 when roark redign the deck
  3. this is a damn neer mint 1989 tall deck standard layup 700-740lb sprint bottom procomp...all original gel new custom cover eagle trailer anyone lookin for a stv willllllllllll nottttttt be dissappointd always garage keep all riggin less motor(no trim pump no fuel pump) one of the if not the cleanest procomps in the usa!!!!! askin $8000.00 call mike at 513-252-1432
  4. In 1986 Roark designed the pickel fork-- sometime in 87-88 he redigned to the bottom you have (sprint). thenn in1989 late he went to the ski bottom(big inverted v to the front) then he redigned to the mod vp(small inverted v & turn fin) 1994 he built the drag bottom which is the boat on the lift. the drag bottom is totally different from the sprint. its steps are futher forward among many other difference. Wrong set up and the drag will do a 180. This is it in the short version. I havent found any boat that goes up in value. all in who wants it and what they are willin to give. Brian.
  5. Custom stv tandam trailer exc cond needs wood relaced on inside of fenders. $1200.00 call Brian 502-641-7918 im in kentucky
  6. 1995 hustler trailer. in good cond except fenders & i have 2 to replace them with. $675.00 need to sell. Thanks Brian 502-641-7918
  7. 1994 Triad DR-20 red & white rigging & tandam trailer with ss fenders. Boat is in great cond. 502-543-5991 or 502-641-7918
  8. BRB

    XR-2 on Euro

    you all keep talking xr-2 150. The motor he is talking about is a xr2 race it makes 200hp @ 7000rpm on pump gas. some port mods and tight heads who knows.
  9. BRB

    XR-2 on Euro

    4-speed the difference is your 153ci 150. Makes a little over 150hp & i doubt will turn 7000rpm. That xr-2 race should push the stv 100mph plus it has offshore mid & sm lower unit. Should be pretty dependable. Just my opinion.
  10. 1994 STV carbon fiber drag (450lbs). Boat has bobs jack plate, rigging, 20" mid & tuner 2.5 cowling, nydal steering ect.... your ph & lu go racing. Boat is mint mint. pics on this site members gal. (BRB). $8800.00firm 502-543-5991. Thanks.
  11. what kind of deck and bottom. do you have any pics. Give me a call Brian. 502-543-5991
  12. Hey George give me a call 502-543-5991(brian-BRB) One of my stvs has that bottom. would love to talk to you about it. Thanks Brian.
  13. Anthony, I would like the # to the guy with these molds. Thanks Brian.
  14. Techno, i may be wrong but i believe there has never been a drag(shallow tunnel) put under a euro deck.
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