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  1. Hehehehe hay thanks admin. the little things do get looked over. I replaced the plugs and bam its back in action. Stupid things that I forget. Thanks again!!!
  2. From my little expereince with JSRE if you get the lightened flywheel you better get the stator turned also or it will hit trust me. Also after talking to merc. tech his flywheels go to spaghetti when you go from a high RPM and let off, in turn the crank does the same and it was strongly suggested to me that if you want your crank to live not to run the lightened flywheel. Just my two cents worth..... Also have you ever seen his work before. What my brother had done on his 2.4's for his skater it was a little questionable. I felt that things were done very crudely and not much time spent on cleanup after hogging on it all. We had to do alot of cleanup before reassembly.
  3. I have a 1997 2.5 260 freshly rebuilt and ran great for 2 days. Know all the sudden it is dropping a cylinder or cylinders on the left bank one time then the next time it may be the right or both. If you gradually build the RPM instead of just putting it on the floor it is fine but if you stomp it from 3000 on it will drop the bank at approx 4000-6000 RPM just depends. I have swaped all electronics but the ECU and nothing seems to make a difference. WWWWHHHHAAATTTTSSSS UUUUPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way I know which bank by a dual EGT. Thanks and hope someone will have some input...
  4. I plan on going there sometime this summer. I have never been to dale hollow though. Only Cumberland.
  5. 5 1997 2.5 merc 260 h.p. pistons for sales. Very good condition. Getting rid of them because I rebuilt motor this winter. Make me an offer!!! I can be contacted at jbranan@woh.rr.com Can send pics of them on request.
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