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    I have tried various heights. At 1/2" to 1' above the pad, the 24 Yamaha drag lost all steering capability when the throttle was cut, for up to 2 -3 seconds. The 30 chopper makes the stern walk sideways, and loses some sterring capability when the throttle is cut. I got a 26 RE4 and the torque steer is lessened considerably, it doesnt walk the stern sideways, overall performance is good. I still need to try an ET. I dont know how you guys can run the motor that high and not have it walk sideways. I lowered mine to 3/8" above the pad and the handling is great with the RE4. The chopper still walks at this height. I am running 7.5" setback. Heres a photo of the red boat. As for torquesteer, I prefer as little as possible. AZH
  2. Arizona Hotboater


    The hours per overhaul is not only because of the higher RPM the 260/280 runs but also because these have thinner low drag piston rings than the 225 PM and fishing motors.
  3. Arizona Hotboater

    What 4 blade is best on a Euro 2.5 245?

    Anthony, According to the JTjr article "Propping around", the Euro didnt do so well with the cleaper. JTjr e-mailed me and recommended the Hydromotive T-4X or the Re 4 Mazco. They are both very different from each other. the Allison guys are crying the blues about the T-4X saying the hole shot sucks but the mid and top are great. I havent heard anything about the RE 4 except from the Proppin around article. Its was OK in the article but a 30 was way too much. Thanks dude, Marc
  4. Arizona Hotboater

    What 4 blade is best on a Euro 2.5 245?

    I want to run a 4 blade. They handle better, they have far less torque steer, and they aid in the high speed porpoise problem that STVs have. I added 2" setback (7.5" total) and lowered the motor to an inch above the pad and most of the porpoise is gone, but the torque steer is still there. I am looking at Hydromotive T-4X, and Mazco RE4. Anyone run a 4 blade on and STV? Thanks, AZH
  5. Wanted 26 ET, 26 ET cut chopper, or clean 26 big ear chopper suitable for an ET cut. (no thinning done, good condition). E-mail me TUNNEL18@EMAIL.MSN.COM
  6. Arizona Hotboater

    I need a 28 big ear chopper.

    I need a 28 big ear chopper to have cut to an ET. Anyone wanna sell one, e-mail me. Tunnel18@email.msn.com Thanks.
  7. Arizona Hotboater

    Lightning et

    OK I just bought a 28 chopper and am waiting for shipment. I plan to send it to Tim Hackney for an ET cut. I called 2 other prop people but didnt like the info...or lack of it actually...that they provided. Hackney was informative and helpful. I will let everyone know how it goes. AZH
  8. Arizona Hotboater

    Lightning et

    Rob, What is the definition of cheap? LOL I need to know soon as I was considering buying someones JC's ET cut chopper. Thanks again Marc
  9. Arizona Hotboater

    Lightning et

    I need a 28ET but they are hard to find. Anybody know about those ET cut props I have been hearing about? Be any good on my Euro? Who cuts them and how much? Thanks
  10. Arizona Hotboater

    How much setback on a Euro, 2.5 carb?

    Thanks Rob. Marc
  11. Arizona Hotboater

    How much setback on a Euro, 2.5 carb?

    Thanks for the advice. I am going to buy the spacers from Bobs tomorrow. I am shipping my heads to JSRE tomorrow also. A lightning ET is in my future if I can find a deal on a 28 pitch. That means I'll be selling the 26 Yamaha drag. It excellerates great but the steering just feels weird. Later dude, Marc
  12. Arizona Hotboater

    How much setback on a Euro, 2.5 carb?

    Thanks for the response. I will try what youve suggested. All the weight is at the back of the boat. I was considering ordering 2" setback spacers from bobs machine. Thanks, AZH
  13. Arizona Hotboater

    How much setback on a Euro, 2.5 carb?

    The Hi speed porpoise problem I have read so much about showed its ugly face. Mid 80's the boat will porpoise badly. I thought the Bobs jack plate I had would prevent that from happening. Its a 5.5" manual type. Do I need more setback to get rid of the porpoise? I was running fully loaded. 2 anchors, nearly full fuel tank, hand tools, cooler, etc... I forgot to bring my GPS but the Gaffrig said 83 or so. I think I was going faster because I didnt have the porpoise last time I ran it and I hit 83 on GPS. (That was when I had a water leak and was running on 5 cylinders.) My Yamaha drag excelerated great and had very little steering torque but the back end of the boat was very "flighty" and the steering felt weird. When I let off the gas there was no steering for a second or 2. The 30 chopper didnt show the steering problem but the steering torque was triple that of the Yamaha. The stern didnt feel flighty at all but the porpoise was annoying. What do you Euro owners suggest? Thanks in advance, AZH
  14. Arizona Hotboater

    Engine mounting........

    Anthony, I currently have the cone 7/8" above the pad. I run a 30 chopper and a 26 Yamaha drag. I will raise it and see how it runs. Thanks, Marc
  15. Arizona Hotboater

    Engine mounting........

    How high should I set the bullet above the pad on my Euro?Thanks, AZH 94 euro, mod VP bottom, 2.5 245