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  1. Im leaving for the rumble thursday night. I have a black and white Euro with a 225 supermag .
  2. Attention! This weekend In Carrolton Kentucky there is going to be a large gathering of outboard performance boats. There will be upwards of 200 boats racing, and the best part is that it is free to enter and free to the public. If Anyone is Interested go to www.rumbleontheriver.com It should be a blast.
  3. anthony With my STV EURO 225MAG I have tried a few props a mazco 26 and 29 didn't see much diffrence in hole shot but the top end was consideribly better with the 29. I hit a log and tore up my SM gearcase and my 29, so I bought a new SM and and thought Hmmm! time for a new prop so I did some research and went with a 14.5 by 30 MERC LIGHTNING ETwhat a hole shot and I also gained about 3mph. There was also alot less steering torque. RIVER RUNNER
  4. Im new to this site. I own a 98 STV EURO with a 225 supermag Mariner,I love It .I've been boating on the Ohio river since I was born, thanks to my parents. I got interested in boating at an early age,all of my uncle's had fast boats. One uncle had a checkmate jet ,one had a sanger jet, and one had a stury with a 175 black max. My first boat was a 8' hydro with a 7.5 scott attwater ,WOW what fun at 12. Our family boat was a 1969 speedliner with a 125 merc, it would run 60 with a ss prop. My first boat was a 16' baja with a 115 evinrude, the 2nd was a 19' baja jet, my 3rd a 20'shadow RT with a 2.4 bridgeport and my final but not my last is my STV WOW what a boat. I still boat on the Ohio River near Madison IN. Me and my lovely wife drove to Wiggens Mississippi to buy our STV. You could say it was in my blood from childhood but it is now in my wife's blood to! Jason
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