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  1. Jeff"Yammer"

    mod vp or river rocket

    Very nice CarbonFiber dash with Livoursi Carbon faced gauges ( monster ) You can always buy it with guages .....
  2. Jeff"Yammer"

    mod vp or river rocket

    Call me when you can ..... 905-655-8993 Jeff ...... way better than "very good condition" ...............
  3. Jeff"Yammer"

    Couple questions for RiverRocket owners

    Pin cleats ........ Get with the times over there huh !!!!!!
  4. Jeff"Yammer"

    Summerford Rocket for sale

    Hey I've tried for the racing with no commitment from anyone but you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Jeff"Yammer"

    bottom differences

    As stated ....... The MVP bottom is a better driving hull. They settle better and just drive nicer. Now the Ski Bottom I now have is is a good hull it just takes some getting used to thats all. I think they are both near the same in top end numbers but who has done a same motor ( like re-re the powerheads ) and test that ..................... ??? They are both good boats ........... Yammer
  6. Jeff"Yammer"

    Rumble on the river

    I'll be there ................ 6 for 6 for me !!!!!!!!!!! Yammer
  7. Jeff"Yammer"

    Dash Pics

    New CarbonFiber dash & guages w/Baker Steering Yammer
  8. Gary .... let me see what I can do for Allison style buckets for you. I'm guessing you want the shells in white and what for the covers........... ????? We might be able to work something out .......... is that rear race cowl MINT ? liquidfast@hotmail.com 416-949-4743 Jeff
  9. Gary on the front buckets : I agree with all that was said by the others ...... but if you want to go with 2 front buckets, ditch that uncomfortable STV seat and get a set of Allison buckets ( like I had in my V-King ) Me and Jamie make something pretty similar ( exact ) but in Carbon Fiber if you need them. They are the best seats around .......... those STV ( the old ones anyway ) where pretty shitty. Jeff
  10. Jeff"Yammer"

    Fuel system

    Here is what I've done so far. An AN-10 sump fitting mounted in the bottom/back of the tank, then to the Seebold vapor can, then to the Kinsler filter/Weldon pump ( Hey Wayne got any more deals on 2015's hahaha ) to the fuel rail/reg. , back to the vapor can. The vapor can will be vented to the main tank. This is how our Champboat is rigged and every other Seebold. The main question is .......... Do I need the check valve ( not a ball check .... a check valve ) in front of the vapor tank or not. I have seen them with and without them installed. And Happy Easter to you Wayne and every one else !!!!! Your opinions are valued greatly !! Jeff
  11. Jeff"Yammer"

    Just said "I'll take it". (oop's!)

    As Larry posted the pic of it .............. the color scheme is very unique and rare !!!!! With that motor on it you couldn't get a better match. Gary , there are plenty of people to help but your set-up as of now is pretty close from what I remember ( unless you got bigger .... hahaha ) you should be fine. There is allways something to fiddle with though Just work on the set-back and P.Shaft height. I can't remember if it is a "Full Floor" boat or not ? Once again man ......... Glad to see ya got it. As you said a long time ago "That will be mine one day , if he ever wants to sell it" Yammer Dennis ........ Yes you should come up to the Rumble man !!!!!!!!!!! Jeff
  12. Jeff"Yammer"

    Just said "I'll take it". (oop's!)

    Its about god damm time. I was thinking of buying that too ..... a while back. Good work Gary and welcome to the brother-hood !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jeff
  13. Jeff"Yammer"

    Fuel system

    I am completely re-rigging my STV this year. I am unhappy with the fuel tank operation when it gets to 1/3 full ( 2/3 empty if you prefer ) During hard decelleration sometimes the pick-up will run dry !! I was thinking of getting a bulk-head through-hull -8AN fitting and trying to mount it in the back of the tank ( the reason for that is because I want the pick-up to be at the same level or higher than the pump. The pick-up in the STV tank comes from the top down to the bottom of the tank, which means my pump has to pull the fuel up from the tank then down to the level of the pump ) , then to a Seebold vapor tank, then to the Kinsler filter/Weldon pump then to the fuel rail. My question's are ............. (1) do I need to install a check valve before the vapor tank ? (2) Has any one ever put a different pick-up in an STV 28gal tank like what I am describing ? Thanks ..... Yammer
  14. Nothing wrong with SeaStarPro if its blead properly ....... Its allways been perfect for me. Even on a Hydrostream V-King at 105+ ....... Maybe you need a better person to rig your boats ........ hahahaha J/K !!! Yammer