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  1. 1RWD

    STV Big Bash Boat Race

    Everone needs to put this date on there calendar. It is a must!
  2. 1RWD

    STV Big Bash

    STV BIG BASH Wish some of you guys could have made the BASH! There were boats from Indiana,Ohio,Michigan and Kentucky.The weather was great, the racing was fun,and Roark Summerford and Thomas Claybourn were there. It was great talking, one on one to these guys! I will try to post some pictures when I get them back. Bob
  3. 1RWD

    XR-2 on Euro

    New member here, first time poster. I run with a good friend that has a XR-2 moter on a home made 15' true tunnel. It weighs 540lbs. with a powered jack plate. It will run right on 100mph at 7500 with a 28 pitch Hoss cut prop made by Tim Hackney, at Performance Propeller. It's a basic 175 hp with the exhaust ports raised, some exhaust work done and a different tuner. There are no finger ports. He just raised the exhaust ports to the same as a 2.5 and is going to do some head work also. The motor will turn 8000 with a different 28 pitch, but only runs 95mph. I don't think that a stock XR-2 would run 100mph on a Euro. Maybe 85-90. I hope this helps. BOB