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  1. He got accidentally banned from Screamandfly! LOL. One day he called me and said "I don't know why, but I can't log on..." I e-mailed Greg and it took a while, but he's back on...you'll start seeing him pollute the airwaves again. No, I tried to trade him the Triad, but he had his heart set on that Allison River Racer and I saw that the deal is done. He's also picking up a SuperSport with a 280 on it....I like the way he operates. Sells one boat and gets TWO. It's good to be him I guess.
  2. Indirectly. Sold the Triad and bought the T3 from Scott.
  3. I know this is the STV forums, but since Fullthrottle is building them I figured I would but a sibling QuarterShot out here....I've wanted one of these things for the longest time and finally got one. I know I have a lot of crow to eat because many of you know me as a huge Allison fan and V-bottom proponent. I don't know...something about the T3 has always appealed to me so I finally got one. Great boat. Standard layup and strong as an ox. I have my E-Tec hanging on it in the pictures, but I have to change the jack plate back to the 15" jackplate. The one in the pictures was for a 20" motor so this motor is about 4" above the pad LOL. I just picked it up over the weekend so cut me some slack :-) No clue what I'll eventually run on it, but either a 250HO E-Tec, modifed 3.3 liter OMC with fuel injection...who knows. Just looking forward to driving it next year.
  4. I hope this counts for this forum...sorry if it doesn't LOL BEAUTIFUL and Super Clean 2000 Triad V 21 with Custom Line Tandem Axle trailer. This boat is virtually mint. Garage kept its entire life and I'm not sure the trailer has actually gone on the road LOL. I just acquired this from the original owner who babied it its whole life. Standard gauge package plus depth finder. Rigged for Mercury. Hi-Jacker Pro manual jackplate. I can bring it to Jasper for a buyer. $10,900. I've seen older models sell for $12,000 plus so I'm pretty firm on this price...I'm willing to listen though. Give me a call - 847-533-9773 Photos below are from my Cell Phone...I'll take some with my good camera and e-mail them to anybody who would like them.
  5. If anybody is looking for a clean EuroSport, here's your boat. 1996 Summerford built Euro with 1996 Mercury 2.5EFI with sportmaster. This boat isn't just clean, it's STERILE. You could perform surgery on this boat. It belongs to a good friend of mine and he doesn't use it since he started circle racing. He's got 2 props and other assorted goodies to go with it. The boat is set up extremely well, is very fast, and did I mention it was clean? Anyway, if you're looking for a kick ass lake boat, look no further than this beautiful specimen. $18,000 will have you boating in style this summer. Give Donny a call at 612-865-4025 if you have any questions.
  6. Anthony, if he goes into the admin board, there is an option that shows the photo automatically instead of just the link. That is a nice touch instead of having to click on the link to view it. Sam
  7. Bring out yo stuff and go APBA formula racing....cheaper to race than ODBA and you don't have to worry about any rules, just lineemup and go. Seriously, I'd hate to lose your sparkling personality at the races and all the pretty girls will stop coming to the drag races if you don't go. Hope you can figure out a way to hang in there. Sam
  8. Danny, I'd love to party at your shop. If we can do it on Friday, that would be better because I might need everybody to help me rig my boat :-) I'm looking forward to it. Sam
  9. Steve looked GREAT at the nationals. He led the pack around for the first few laps and with a little more seat time in the boat, would've most likely taken it to the house! He'll be a force to reckon with this year I'm sure. Here's a pic of Steve at Kankakee
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