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  1. What style prop would you say? Also 14.5 or 15 ? And do you know anyone who may have one for sale?
  2. Limiter is up to like 8700 if I remember correctly and I'd like to get into the teens if possible with keeping descent hole shot...
  3. Guys dint know how live this forum is as very many people don't post here anymore but I have learned a lot on a lot of different forums. I just bought a 2005 STV River rocket with a pretty nasty 260 on it.it has a 20 inch mid right now with offshore and a cle lower. What prop would you gentlemen recommend for nice holeshot good mid-range and high-speed passes it came with a few different ones but haven't been able to try them yet as transport has not brought my boat to me yet after going and looking at it and riding in it....thank you fellas...
  4. smiley88

    Vin number

    I sent you a private message. I appreciate you taking the time for me if you could check your private message please sir
  5. smiley88

    Vin number

    I will be home in a little while and I will look at my pictures and I will post them I appreciate your time thank you so much
  6. smiley88

    Vin number

    Guys if I post a VIN number by any chance could anybody give me some history on the boat ?who built it etcetera.... I'm looking at buying one ASAP and just would like a little history on it
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