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  1. The cdn made stv's have a sprint deck lid and a modified sprint bottom-they are nothing like the original summefords-they are heavy due to the material used-Procomps have the inverted STV bottom-the cdn made boats have the older sprint bottom-I believe the bottoms were changed from the original design- I would classify the boat as a good introduction to hot boating-speeds would be in the low 90's at best- The current market price on true STV Procomps has made me wonder why anyone would even consider one of these hulls- not trying to offend anyone here, these are just the facts. Anyone with any experience would probably tell you the same thing. thx. Paul
  2. paulb


    thx for the responce pccracing- sent you a email- let me know about the covers thx. Paul
  3. I told you many times Brad-cut all that chit out and make a center steer!!! I still have that pump bracket-you still need it?? Paul
  4. my first summerford was a stringer boat and it was all wood-I can see them putting in a plate where you cannot reach under to put a nut on. surprising though, I have never heard this before-Triad definately does not do this- Paul
  5. it is very difficult to get ahold of Triad-the web site is down? I would say that if anything comes out of Triad it will be for friends and clients that can wait months for a boat- they likely will build only a few at best and you better not try and talk price!! there product is top notch-just the business end of it seems to be at a crossroads. Paul
  6. coinboy- I would stay away from top pinning old pistons- I may have a set of used factory top pinned pistons- give me a ring on your rebuild thx. Paul 416 949-8865 cell
  7. paulb


    re cover- can you get a cover made for a Triad River Rocker and Euro?? give me a number and I will call you. thx. Paul
  8. paulb


    looks great brad!!! Paul
  9. ken jamie just sold his rear 2 seat fairing- he is going with an inline two seater setup. maybe phil can bring it your way if he visits- Paul
  10. paulb

    Lost out

    no problems- good luck with your purchase- if it makes you feel better I drove to Texas to buy my first STV- I live in Toronto Canada!!!!
  11. paulb

    Lost out

    re used Euro- the boat in question was forsale on boatrater.com for years- boat was finally sold-not sure if the guy that owns it now was the one to get it from the boatrader- I do remember a post stating the boat was in excellent condition- if Brad or Procomp says its good then its good. as for buying a used boat, I would ask all the right questions-starting with the transom- I would go with cash and make sure the seller is negotiable if you find flaws- the Roark built stuff is getting old now so-stress cracks and a pulled transom my not be far off- just make sure you check the boat over well. good luck Paul
  12. paulb


    colour and that is it. paul
  13. got that pic idea from the photo radar days here in Ontario- a guy sent the government a picture of the check they could use for a photo radar fine-thought that was funny shit- Brad's boat is a good used STV-consider a new Euro on a trailer is about 23,000 ish-the summerford stuff is worth a premium these days!! Brad's description is an objective one which he should not be critisized for. like I always say, its amazing how people critisize when they buy and praise the same item when they sell.
  14. jeff leduface-you win the quickest to be named an asshole award- Shirley tell use what Jeff wins- Jeff STV owners would like to offer you a all expenses paid trip to the Kingston Pen for a soap retrieving session. While Jeff enjoys his stay he will be entertained by the backside boys- while in enjoying the baths Jeff will be filled with enjoyment- I keep telling Procomp-when they a ask for pics-ask the buyer for pics of the pile of money they have to spend!!!! just kidding Jeff, welcome to STV wanna be owners
  15. not a real fan of Spinelli's - side by side to a merc prop they never really were as good to the factory prop- in fairness, I bought the Spinelli used and who knows what it was made for and who might of worked on it after- if the prop has good numbers compared to the rest of your props -to me it does not matter whose it is- from what I remember-Spinelli was in up state NY-they made some good props, just never really witnesses one. Paul
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