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  1. I'm selling my Triad. This was Wally's personal boat. 600lb hull weight. I need something different for me & my son. Now here are the specs: 2002 Triad V-21 2002 Merc 280: Less than 50 hrs since Paul Nichols put new rings,top pin pistons, & flowed the injectors. CONSUMER ECU(7750 limiter) 20" Bass mid, sporty L/U. Everything is factory stock. No mods whatsoever.Small prop shaft. Clarion AM/FM/CD stereo,Sea Star Pro hydraulic steering,TeleFlex blinker style trim,CMC 7" Hydraulic jackplate Stainless Marine Trim Indicator, Weldon high pressure fuel pump, Pyrometer gauge & probes(never hooked up, never bought the fittings for the motor) Tandem Axle Customline trailer with 4 very good tread tires. Only blemishes on the boat are some pings in the chrome part that holds the rub rail in a about a 5 inch section. none of the damage is on the top cap or sides, just the chrome rail.It happened during a bad storm on the river when one of the bumpers fell off & it hit the dock 5 times. thank goodness it only hit the chrome & the rubrail. The seats have faded some, it was in this condition when I bought it. Boat has always been wiped down & stored inside garage. $20k gets everything. No Tire Kickers please Call 615-975-0507 or email triad280@aim.com
  2. Chummy said the molds were placed back inside the building & the impression I got was ready to to make some more V-21 hulls. There is a thread on FastBass in the Allison section about the whole thing John
  3. 280TRIAD

    TRIAD V-21

    oh, if it is powered with a 280 that would be a plus, if not or not powered, I'll let him know & let him deal with it
  4. 280TRIAD

    TRIAD V-21

    I have a friend that just sold his boat & is now looking for a V-21.I told him I would look around to find him one,if anyone knows where one for sale is I know he'd appreciate it
  5. Never mind,I found the answer.Wally is keeping the Triad name & the V-21 molds & DRX molds. The release said for those models to still contact Wally
  6. I wonder what this means for the V-21 hull? Is FTP going to just take the STV & Wally keep the V-hulls or is Jack getting the full deal?Inquiring minds want to know
  7. I have a 14.5" 28p spinelli cleaver. The prop is mint condition,only ran a couple of times.It has a small shaft pressed in hub.$300 TYD
  8. yeah, I tried to read a pm from Chummy that he sent when he recommended a prop for my v-21 & I couldn't read it either.
  9. I don't totally agree with everything.Yeah if the pistons are worn out,out of round,etc.yes, get the new top-pinned pistons. If there is nothing wrong with them,I wouldn't throw away perfectly good pistons for the sake of getting new pistons.I have seen side-pinned pistons wreck the sleeve with only a few hours on them.It was a horrible design to begin with.Mercury still won't acknowledge the flaw,yet for some reason, they redsigned their pistons beginning in 2001 for top-pins.I know quite a few people that sent their perfectly good pistons to John Marles to get top-pinned, & haven't had the slightest problem with them. I don't know the process he uses,but for a couple hundred dollars you don't have to worry about the sleeves or pistons with proper maintenance.Like I said, this is just the experiences I have seen & heard.I'm sure there are people who have had bad experiences with everything,everywhere if you look hard enough.just my .02
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