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  1. LJL

    Prop choices?

    Firewalker, Yes, they previously did close the shop for the winter. I think they did props only 7 months a year. You can read the Spinelli news from Powerboat Mag's website. Powerboat It's right on the front page. Now they (Spinelli) are closing the shop, if they can't find a buyer. This has to be an old news from October or November since they are writing that Spinelli should be out of business in December. So, does anyone know did Spinelli close their doors, did they find a buyer or will they continue to sell props? LJL
  2. LJL

    Prop choices?

    Techno, It says in the magazine, that Spinelli Bros. was expected to close it's doors in December. The owners were retiring and trying to find a new owner. This is pretty much everything I know about the deal.. LJL
  3. LJL

    Prop choices?

    Is Spinelli still making props? Read from ?Powerboat magazine? that they were closing. Or has someone bought the company? LJL