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    12 inch mid

    Looking for a merc new style, studs down 12 inch mid . no wing plates needed. Thanks Jeff Dunn 843 222 9498
  2. jeff dunn

    stv decals

    Who makes decals for STV boats, in the process of restoring a modvp and would like to put back the lettering as close to oringal as i can . Thanks Jeff
  3. jeff dunn

    stepped sponsons

    We have a 1994 model with the steped bottom but doesnt seem to look like what you guys have, I could be wrong but havent looked at boat in a while, I know boat doesnt like a bunch of trim or the motor to high . Jeff
  4. jeff dunn

    stv slip

    Its not a prop issue, I think I found the problem though,let u know later thanks
  5. jeff dunn

    stv slip

    I have stv that I have set up for the 1/4 mile, been running 200 case with 1.87 gears, changed to a xr6 1.78 and motor revs up when you hit the gas, slips the prop , lowered the motor changed props , raised the motor, nothing helps, boat still runs good speed and time, lifts boat very well and drives great, had xr6 case on other boats but not a stv, was wondering what the hell Im over looking in my set up. After the slip it carrys boat very well Thanks Jeff