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    1989 STV 2006 Merc 280

    I ran that boat with a few good motors, but the best was a Diamond Marine ported 260, with a 14.5X32 merc cleaver at 131 mph. Any questions I can answer, let me know
  2. boston

    1989 STV 2006 Merc 280

    That is my old boat...I bought it new from Diamond Marine in 1989, sold it to Warren in Fl., and he sold it to Bernard. That boat handled very well, was very good in rough water. Any questions I can help with let me know. Dennis
  3. boston

    lower unit questions

    If you have the choice, you DO NOT want the Allison cut skeg. The stock SM with full skeg is the best set up, and the fastest too. I have been 130+ with a stock SM. Been 130 with a CLE, but did not like it as much as the SM. If you want top end, you want the 1:87's.
  4. boston


    Been a long time since I have been on this site also, havn't used my boat much in the last 2yrs, so went out this past Sunday, good weather, about mid 70's, but windy, ran 130mph, was pleased beacuse this was with my pump gas motor.
  5. boston

    New STV, Need some driveing HELP

    I agree with Anthony.....a high speed "hop" is usually not enough trim...which engine, and what prop are you running..
  6. boston


    Rob, How are you, hope all is well... been busy working, havn't used my boat much, but plan on changing that soon. Let's pick an event and meet up this year.
  7. boston


    Those were first the Tabasco molds, then the Lightning molds, and poor splashes at best. As far as "cleaning up the STV deck indentation and ribs at the back", what a bunch of crap! More recycled junk
  8. boston

    Setback Question- How much and why?

    I have run 126 mph with a cle. But, I do prefer a sportmaster
  9. boston

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to all. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe, (and fast) New Year. Dennis
  10. boston

    Looking for Speedmaster gearcase?

    If you want a SPEEDMASTER I have everything you will need. You can call me at: (954) 683 1930 Dennis
  11. boston


    Rob, Didn't hear a word about the rumble, seems quiet this year. So, what's the deal on the top end runs? Who went fast, and how fast? Thanks, Dennis
  12. boston

    Boating in PA.

    If I go, will be driving up from Florida.
  13. boston

    Boating in PA.

    May travel to Hanover, PA., next month, anyone from PA., and where do you boat? Thinking of draging my boat with me. Thanks, Dennis
  14. boston


    Gary, Did you get your boat fixed and running? Let me know how you are doing. Dennis
  15. boston


    Joe, Their are alot of STV's in Fl., don't know much about the Daytona area though. Most of the get togethers are posted on Screamandfly.com. There is something going on every couple of months, anywhere from Ocala to the Keys. Welcome, Dennis