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  1. canadianstv

    2.4 intake

    no longer need
  2. canadianstv

    sprint bottom

    Well they are actual summerford moulds licenced to be built by charger.I know that they are not aswell built as the procomp and yes they are heavier but they turn just as many heads and best of all the ladies don't know the difference.I know this boat ran mid 90's with a BP on it and I would think it would see 100-103 with a 260 imo.My boat seems to be fairly tight doesn't twist or flex at all.It handles well ,very stable doesn't leak and it is real fun to drive and I have less money invested in my whole package than most have invested in their motors.
  3. canadianstv

    sprint bottom

    here is a pic from the side
  4. canadianstv

    2.4 intake

    Looking for a 7 pedal carb intake for a 2.4 200 carb motor dave at 705-749-2544 oc email canadianstream1@yahoo.ca
  5. canadianstv

    sprint bottom

    I have a charger stv with the sprint bottom can anybody tell me about this hull as far as handling issues,speed ect...
  6. canadianstv

    New members ride

    Here is a pic of my new charger stv. I live in Peteborough and boat on the Kawartha lakes.