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  1. riverrunner114

    89 ProComp (remove foam)

    the way I usually get it out is using a sawz-all with a long blade to get the most of it. I made some 'scrapers' out of some old leaf spring and ground it sharp.. works good. If you use the saw to get the bulk of it out... the little that is left will usually pop loose from the hull pretty clean. then use a cup wire wheel on a 4 inch grinder to get it clean. That stuff will make you itch just as bad as ground up fiberglass though... so wear sleeves, goggles and a dust mask. When it gets water logged, its heavy. good luck, johnny
  2. riverrunner114

    2007 SRV........ build

    no smoke blowin' here.... but you do some beautifull work my brother I do decent glass work on a 'in general' perspective....but not at that level.... Nice Work...would love to be your 'helper' for a few weeks.... some of the best I have seen...johnny