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  1. hayes- you need a new tach or a new gps. it takes about 9000 rpm with a 28 and 1.87 gears to go 115. 7800 isn't much over a 100
  2. my times must be set wrong, its only 645 here now!
  3. very nice shape, white w/ red and gray stripes. all white interior, gps, full gauges,seastar pro steering pre alien one piece cowl 2003 huster galvanized trailer, single axle fat shaft sporty bought new in 06, comes w/ a 14.5 x 30 merc cleaver motor is a 96 block, has a small weld on the front half. (starter bracket) big bearing crank, motor was supposed to be fresh when i bought it, it wasn't. crank bearing looked great, but will not put a guess of hours on them. I put six low hour (under 50) top pin merc pistons in, with brand new rings, and new new wrist pins and wrist pin bearings. motor is cleaned up inside, but not near the adverised 340 hp when bought. brand new bosch fuel pump from brucato. motor comes with an repair a48 ecu that does not work correctly. will demo boat with a good ecu. no regulator inclued in sale. other electronics are not new, but work. stock light weight flywheel, stock heads. 135 + - a few on all six. since i put it together motor has less than 40 gallons of gas thru it. call anytime, Matt 717-587-8078 Thanks. look on S and F for pics, was boat of the month about three months ago. $15,000
  4. put on a nose cone or switch to a sporty gearcase
  5. need more input. what gearcase, and where is it set? (height). what type steering? and finally, what bottom? depending on what bottom you have, it should turn like it's on rails.
  6. get her trimmed to high on top and she will chine as well.
  7. looking for one, what cha got? thanks. matt 717-587-8078
  8. the boat is very, very nice. it just needed a good buffing to really get it to shine. looking at the boat it is a very low hour rig. other than one small chip, the bottom is perfect, you can tell it was never beached. the galvanized trailer is mint, it's not as nice looking as a painted one, but i wont have to spend much time washing it then. it could use some more bling, but thats not a problem. i didnt get any pics this last weekend, but next time i have it out i will.
  9. theres a dirt bag on s and f, name withheld, he lowballs and thread trashes, after all the posts of me buying this euro, he still calls the owner and tries to get the guy to sell to him instead. what a piece of shit. karma gets you sooner or later. the owner kept his word to me, and now it is in my garage.
  10. i pick it up on thursday. 98 ski bottom, 2.5 carb
  11. me... i sold my 21 liberator wanting something with twins, and in less than 12 hours a great deal on a euro popped up on scream and fly, so i thought what the heck, it's a cheap boat till i get what i want.
  12. great pictures Anthony. a rocket is by far the sleekest, best looking boat around
  13. foxtrot, dont know him but maybe you can contact him thru email. you can get it by clicking on his profile.
  14. my new to me liberator has a positive displacement pump. it can pull rather than push. the previous owner installed about a five foot hose on it so it can reach either side and the middle. one pump does all three sponsons. kinda nice.
  15. middle hole will work the best.
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