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  1. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    still have stv 2894422640 call sean
  2. sfattore@bell.net

    rebuild 90 stv

    sean toronto 2894422549 call
  3. sfattore@bell.net

    2002 STV Drag Pro Comp

    like to come take a look
  4. sfattore@bell.net

    1992 STV Pro-Comp Ski,Merc 2.5 EFI 111MPH

    boat location
  5. sfattore@bell.net

    complete stv for sale!

    email me atsfattore@bell,net
  6. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    like stv my number 2894422649 call
  7. sfattore@bell.net

    1989 stv procomp

    how much with 260 on it location
  8. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    still got boat 2894422648 call
  9. sfattore@bell.net

    1992 STV ProComp

    sill got stv
  10. sfattore@bell.net

    STV River Rocket

    boat location
  11. sfattore@bell.net

    1989 stv procomp

    like stv still fore sale
  12. sfattore@bell.net

    STV Charger with 2.5 Merc

    still for sale
  13. sfattore@bell.net

    river rocket for sale in Ontario CDN

    still got stv