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  1. I have many good ET's,srx's, drags, choppers,cleavers,etc. for sale from $195 and up in 20 thru 32 pitch. Inventory changes weekly so email with your needs. I BUY SELL TRADE good used over the hub props!! Largest selection in the upper midwest and south central canada. barryb@ndak.net or bmrprops@srt.com
  2. I have the best price on real Yamaha drags new in the box at $495. Also the new 4 blade drag. Many good used choppers,cleavers and drags in all sizes and makes. Good used Lifeline jackets also. List of props changes weekly. barryb@ndak.net
  3. I will BUY SELL or TRADE your hi perf over the hub prop. I have the best deals around on brand new in the box real Yamaha drags. My inventory changes weekly and I will buy or trade your hi perf prop. I have ET's, cleavers,choppers,drags etc. Also lifeline jackets new and used.Don't pay too much for your next prop. barryb@ndak.net
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