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    STV's at Jasper

    Yep RT is right that is Jim morris boat in the pits at jasper, I didn't get a shot of Robbie lamkins boat for some reason. Didn't ask them about the price on the euro that was there as i already have one. If you go to there website they might have something on there. Anybody happen to notice the stv decal is a little different on that boat. Jeff
  2. JLR

    Another STV coming to MB

    Gee it almost looks like I'm working on your boat in that picture. LOL Jeff
  3. JLR

    Cleaver question.

    Sounds good, thanks for the info, what kind of speeds with your et. Thanks Jeff
  4. JLR

    Cleaver question.

    just wondering what kind of setback your running on your euro with the et at that height and also what bottom does your boat have. Thanks Jeff
  5. JLR

    Euro setups

    Yeah maybe I'll try the 26 drag and also that 26 mazco and see what happens, Thanks for the info Kurt , what did you run that 28 mazco 4 blade on and what kinda speeds. Thanks Jeff
  6. JLR

    Euro setups

    Just got a 2001 Triad Euro a couple of weeks ago and was wondering what everyone is running for setup Ie setback,prop and motor heights. Best i have run so far is 102 in 90 degree heat with a 28 et. Thanks Jeff
  7. JLR


    One More Pic. Jeff
  8. JLR


    Here's a picture of my 2001 Euro that i just purchased a couple of weeks ago. Ran 102 with a 28 et in 90 degree heat so far. Thanks Jeff