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  1. 1990 Merc 2.4 bridge port carb Motor. 20 inch with a 200 lower unit , bobs nose cone.$3000 or without lower unit $2500 Emial mercuryman25@hotmail.com or 616 212 3679
  2. want to trade for a 02 back seat? yellow in color
  3. I had the same problem at 116mph the boat would start rocking from one sponson to the other with a 32p 14.5 cleaver.I countered the rocking with steering and I was able to drive thru it to 126mph.But when it came to slowing down then it started hopping.got pretty scary.I move the engine heigth back down from 1.1/8 back down to 7/8 above and fixed the problem
  4. I,am selling a Teleflex rotery dual helm with cables steering.Cable jackets are 15ft long. This steering has low hours and is out of my STV River Rocket that I had a 5" jac plate on,side steer. Steering works great and the only reason I'am selling is because I went with a 12" champ midsection which is not compatable with this type of steering.$240 TYD e-mail mercuryman25@hotmail.com or 6162123679 ask for Ken
  5. Shorten and respline merc driveshafts any length 2.0 thru 2.5 email mercuryman25@hotmail.com cell 616 212 3679 7am-9pm eastern
  6. If you need your drive shaft cut and resplined for a 15" mid I can do that for you. 616 212 3679 or e-mail mercuryman25@hotmail.com
  7. Looking for a 12" champ Midsection for a 2.5 drag E-mail mercuryman25@hotmail.com
  8. Driveshaft shortening Cut and respline your driveshaft to your spec's 2.0 2.4 and 2.5 $100 plus shipping usaully $9.00 US 48 state Email Mercuryman25@hotmail.com
  9. I appreciate the offer Stv Dreamer but I don't think I could fix it without welding it and that's not a good thing on a prop shaft
  10. I cut and re machine spline's on merc drive shaft 2.0 thru 2.5 $100 plus shipping.also Mill heads no resquish $100plus shipping E-mail mercuryman25@ hotmail.com
  11. Is that 10 3/16 dim is that on a sportmaster
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