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    Hydraulic Steering Recommendations?

    Looking for some recommendations for hydraulic steering on a 96' Euro with 93' 2.5 carb engine. Boat does not have a jack plate, hull was drilled by Summerford for the 2.5. Looking at the SeaStar Pro system. Any issues with clearance? Hose length? Boat has the factory momo steering wheel with trim buttons cordless, will my trim setup still work with the hydraulic helm, or will I have to get the SeaStar "turn signal style" trim switch? Any input here appreciated, I'm sure some of you running this setup? Thanks! Mike
  2. 96EuroSTV

    Gearcase swap question...

    I've got a 96' Roark Built Euro with a 93 2.5 carb, and last fall the driveshaft snapped just above the water pump (as I hear they commonly do). The gearcase is a CLE w/ Bob's nosecone, allison skeg, and blowout ring. I have a 20" Sportmaster available to me, but I know that will require a different mid section, and shifter shaft. Anything else? So here's my question: My boat was factory drilled for the 2.5 and it's a standard 25". Will I have to get a jack plate to go with the shorter shaft? Steering cables will be the problem right? Do most of you guys run jack plates or setbacks anyway? Is there much gain in handling from the shorter mid and the setback? Any advantage to running the sporty over the modded CLE? I know the sportmaster shafts are supposed to be bigger, and maybe one piece design too right? Any input would be appreciated... Thanks, Mike
  3. 96EuroSTV

    Gearcase swap question...

    Thanks for the reply fish! I think my gearcase IS a 20" now. I put the broken drive shaft into the water pump housing, and measured from the top of the water pump housing (where the drive shaft exits the housing) to the bottom of the splines and it's 20". I was not sure how to measure the length, but this kinda makes sense! Am I measuring this correctly? Anybody?
  4. I'm looking for insurance. I have a 96' Euro w/ 93 2.5l Merc... I had a great policy, was paying about 450 per year. Now the company changes hands, and won't cover the boat anymore. What companies/rates are some of you paying? Any suggestions? I have a buddy who's paying 1200.00+ for his 98? Euro... I refuse to pay that much. I'll be posting in the "boats for sale" forum next... HELP! Thanks! Mike