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  2. Try montyracing.com they may be able to help you? He answered some of my seat questions Thanks, I will give them a call.
  3. I need a seat cover for a River Rocket with the modvp bottom. It's a single seater with no back seat. The cover snaps around the seat & continues over the back. Love to buy one that would just snap in. Where would I find one? Any help would be great.
  4. How many different bottoms were made between 87-90. ? I am still trying to figure out which one I have? If someone drag raced in the south 1990 1995, GW Carboni raced this boat and won high points in super stock? (1994) I think he raced in the Alabama Drag Boat Ass.His number was 92. I race in the APBA and my number is also 92. Cool didnt have to change my numbers. I race in the SST45 class. (alot less horsepower, but they still run good numbers) 2.5 powerhead cost more then my wife, manybe not! I will get some pictures out of the bottom. Jeff
  5. I have the boat in a temp beside my house. I will take the camera out and take a picture of the back, bottom. Yes, it looks just as shallow as your picture. The bottom is a good question, not the same as others I have seen. I will get you a picture. I heard, if I paint the top, the spider cracks will all come back regardless what I do. Make sense?
  6. Thats a good question. I think it is like the river rocket, but not sure? I will try to get a picture of the bottom. What you think? Jeff A friend of mine has a four seater, it stands alot higher then mine. Mine is very low to the water? Yours does look like it has a different bottom. Sooner or later, someone can tell me what I have. All I know, she is fast down the 1/4 mile and handles like a dream. Does not need any positive trim to run, but does any STV?
  7. Paul, just sent you two e-mails. Let me know what you think. I have more, better pictures. I will find them and send them. Talk to you. Jeff jwkodiak@arvox.ca
  8. Paul she looks like twins. Even the trailer looks like mine. Were you able to walk on the deck. I can not walk on any part of mine. Front or back. Send me your e-mail address and I will forward you copies of mine. Maybe you can post them for me. Thanks Jeff
  9. Trying to download pictures, but it states the image is to big? What am I doing wrong? Jeff
  10. Thanks for the great reply, I will find some pics and post them the next few days. Paul, sounds like the same but no I bought it from an old friend of mine (GW Carboni) GW Carboni drag raced for many years, then he got a sponsor and bought a new quarter master. He stated that his new boat never would turn the same rpms. Mine would turn over 10,000rpm. Broke the crank at 10,400. Fly wheel (she flew!) I bought a new 28 drag prop., that should turn some numbers. Never had a chance to try it, but it should hall ass! I only ran a 24 spenneli. Now I know how she handles, I am looking to turn some big numbers. Ok back to the boat. It is red and white. The bottom is all red, but I imported it from the USA. The top is so thin, I can not walk on it anywhere. Not easy to get in and out. Single center seat, external cable steering, with a race rear cowling. This is not a ski boat. Paul, what numbers were you running with your old STV? What are you running now. I will call him this week to see when and if he can work on it. This is a fast boat and I want to turn it into a Hot Rod. I will sell my wife before the boat. I think we all agree. Talk to you, Jeff
  11. Ok, you guys should be able to help me. I live in Montreal Quebec Canada, and looking for someone (the best) person to repaint the top of my STV. It is very lite and has a few spider cracks on top. The bottom looks and runs good. It was raced by GW Carboni from Alabama. Won high points 1994 super stock. Its fast. Center steering (cable steering) Single seat. I am looking for a complete overhaul and paint. Transom looks good but I am not sure. I run a 2.5efi offshore and never had problems. The top of the transom has a crack on both sides, but they have been there since I bought it about 6 years ago. Have not gotten worse. It has become my personel HoT Rod. I want to keep it for many years and I am looking for a complete rebuild. Boat and rigging. Motor is perfect and not to be opened. I can deliver to the right person, anywhere in the east coat (Canada or USA) I am not looking for a cheap price or fast job! I am looking for the best person to handle this project. Thanks Jeff
  12. stv#92

    Prop work

    Ok got more information on what I run. Talked with Billy at Performance Propeller. He worked on props for my boat when it was raced by GW Carboni. He remembers it well and also stated it was very fast. Won high points in Super Stock in 1994. Boat number is 92 and still is. For what he remembers, the boat is a 1988or89, Lite weight modvp with center steering. Ring a bell?. I will post some pictures soon, 92 Jeff
  13. stv#92

    Prop work

    ? Thats a good question? You guys are the pro.s I will take some pictures of the bottom and post them, I sure you guys can help. Sounds like they came with different bottoms.Im 90 percent sure it is a drag bottom. What I do know. It was drag raced by GW Carboni from Lake Martin Alabama for many years. He won 1994 High Points in Super stock.After 94 he raced a quarter master for anyother guy. Did not run as fast, wouldnt turn the rpms. I think the boat is approx.1990, 92.No numbers on the boat. The motor is a 94 2.5efi offshore, with a little work done on her. She runns sweat but does not like pump gas. Loves 100 ortane, leaded? The boat is very light, you can not step anywhere on the deck. She is all red and white. Single seater. Center steering with exterior cable steering. Not regular but racing cables.As we run in APBA, ProTunnell Tour. I also run a SST45 in the ProTunnelTour. Love going fast! No floor, just the bottom. Dont even have a drink holder. Any help on what I have would be nice. Thanks talk to you soon, 92 Jeff P.S: I know GW broke the crank turning the motor 10,200 rpms.
  14. stv#92

    Prop work

    Spoke with Tim at Performance Propeller and he seems to be the guy I am looking for. He has done work on props for my boat in the past for the previous owner, GW Carboni. I am going to ship the new prop with the old one. He states they can make it the same. Cool, because the previous prop was fast. He mentioned about a DRAG WHEEL, does anybody have one and if so, what do you think of it? Thanks again, Jeff
  15. stv#92

    Prop work

    Thanks for the reply, I will give him a call tomorrow, and keep you guys posted. I will try to post some pictures, Im sure most of you know what they look like.ha Mine is red and white with center steering and very lite. Cant walk on the deck or anywhere else on top. Not easy to get into, but worth the trouble. And have no back seat. Doesnt matter, I cant find anybody to ride with me.(works for me) What are most of you STV owners running as a prop. Im thinking a 32 but may be crazy? Talk to you soon, Jeff
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