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  1. (Newbie Question) I have a 1985 17 foot Laser V-hull I never put in the water. I also have a 115 Mercury 6 to put on it. Will I need a jack plate? Thanks for your help
  2. I found a ski boat to fool around with and it happens to be a 17 foot 1985 Laser from Texas. I am told this is a rare boat built by Sumersford Racing . Could this be true? Is this a boat to fool around with or should I be restoring it ? It did'nt come with a motor so I purchased a 1985-89 115 Mercury verticle 6, 2 stroke. Does anyone have pics or info about these boats. Any searches I come up with a blank. Anyone have info /ideas about setting up this boat. I am a newbie at this. One other Question Will I need a jackplate?
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