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  1. Only 10 days left and counting till the Hot Boat Meet at the Alligator Chain of Lakes off Rt 192 in St Cloud, Fl. It appears that we should have a good number of performance boaters attending this informal meet. Do any of you STV owners plan on attending? If you need more information or have any questions call me at (321)722-1884 or email to RednYelloSTV@aol.com. Thanks, Richard
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  3. There will be a Hot Boat Meet on March 16-17 on the Alligator Chain of Lakes here in Central Florida. Anyone with a performance boat is invited to attend this informal gathering. The meet headquarters will be the Alligator Lakeside Inn on Rt 192, St Cloud, FL. (phone 407 892-3195) Rooms will be available at a discounted rate for participants. There is a launch ramp, restaurant, and covered pavillion area with charcoal grills at the Inn. The Alligator Chain consists of 6 lakes. No speed limits on the open water and no manatees. Plenty of open and usually calm water to let her air out! Directions: Interstate 95 to exit 71 (Rt 192) Take Rt 192 West for about 36 miles. the Alligator Lake Inn will be on your left. For more information contact: Richard Ambrose 321 722 1884 or email to RednYelloSTV@aol.com
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    Dave R; The measurement you ask for would be impossible to give because it would depend on what trim position the motor is in. It would cause the front of the lower unit to be at different distances from the rear of the pad. My River Rocket has a built in setback of 12 inches, from edge of inset pad bottom to rear of setback. Richard
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    Anthony SS I have a bunch of different props. Depending on conditions and what I'm after, my favorite is a 22 ET. For a day of cruising I use a 28 ET. My Yamaha drag props 22 and 24, don't seem as efficient as the ET's. I have a 14.5 32 Lab Cleaver that is a good prop if you want to take the chance of killing yourself going for the really high numbers. The 28 lab cleaver is also a decent all around prop. My fingers are getting numb typing this....its 59 degrees in my house and I REFUSE to put on the heat because after all, this is FLORIDA !!! Richard
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    Rob; I have a manual jackplate with 4" of set back and a drag SS with an additional 2" built in.....for a total of 6" on my River Rocket center steer. I run 3/4 to 7/8" above the pad and never had to trim the motor beyond the point where it is exactly parallel to the boat bottom. As a matter of fact, I find that when launching, the boat does not have to be trimed in at all. It launches best when the prop shaft is parallel to the bottom. I hear about so many STV owners complaining about the midrange porposing. I have never experienced this problem with my setup. Driver weight probably has more to do with setup problems than anything else. I weigh 165 lbs.
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