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  1. I use tinypic.com to post pics on message boards. It's easy and you do not have to resize them. You just load your pic on to the site and copy the link to your post.
  2. holeshot

    E85 fuel

    The reason I ask is last weekend I was at the Car Craft Summer Nats. and some guys where talking about E85 fuel. A guy was saying how he is sick of running race fuel at $5.25 a gall. Cruzing around all weekend on race fuel cost him something like $300. Another guy was saying how he made the switch to E85. He said he had to run the bigest jets that he could find in is carb. At the same time his friend was on the dyno running a BB Chev with 2 stages of nitrous. He made 1178 HP with a mix of E85 and 92 oct. It seems like the car guys are working with it. The mpg. goes down but the price difference from race fuel offsets that...
  3. holeshot

    E85 fuel

    E85 is around 110 octane and half the price of race fuel. Is there any way we can run it in our outboards?
  4. Mine still says "Race Boat" carved in the back by the serial #, if that means anything...
  5. Whats up jon? Are you getting out of boating? Chris
  6. I could not find any carb cleaner, but I did try brake cleaner. It did not seem to do anything to it. I will try some more and let ya know what happens... (I did a real quick test)
  7. One of Chuck. some would say his better side...
  8. Well....We did it, and I can't thank Chuck enough for all his help. "Thanks man". We had to remove everything inside the boat and we still had a real hard time getting at the foam. What a job. All we did so far was pry it out with some crowbars. 3/4 of the foam was somewhat soft and came out fine, but there was 1/4 of it behind the wall on the inside of the boat that was real dense. It was a lot harder to get out than the rest of the foam. The foam in the front is going to stay. No way to get that out unless we split the boat in two. It goes way up into the pickles. We did find some ice in it on the bottom of the drivers side. Thats the side that did leak from the rub rail at one time and I thought we would find some there. If you think you want to try it, I would say set aside a hole day and get a buddy to help ya. Just don't give him to much info.... Thank's again Chuck
  9. Yup.. That's the same thing that I Have in my boat..
  10. Holeshot. 90% of that thread is from last year when the rumor originally went around. I just brought the thread back to life yeaterday. Lance Sorry, I did not see the date on that...
  11. Acording to a post over on S@F, Triad is NOT shut down. He is only selling the V21 molds and is cutting back on production. He his also building a 26' cat for someone...
  12. I am willing to bet that it is wet. The rub rail in the back leaked when I bought it. I have resealed it and it's fine now. Will be interesting. What tools did you find worked the best to dig it out? Were you able to scrape it cleen?
  13. I'm not sure.. Mine has it all over. Front and back
  14. Hey Brad... Do you think removing the foam will hurt the structural strength of my boat? If and when I do take it out, I'm kinda hoping that it is water logged so that I might see a big improvement. Almost like a new boat...
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